Agriculture, horticulture, intensive livestock husbandry, agricultural technology and the feed and food industries are all fields of specialisation that AgroLingua excels in!
AgroLingua is a translation community for the agri and food sector. We provide highly quality, specialised translations for many market leaders in the agri-food sector, and organisations and institutes in related branches of industry. The added value of our expertise is our in-depth knowledge and experience in the agricultural sector and our familiarity with the specific terminology. You really can speak your own language to us!

Professional translations for the agricultural sector - from farm to fork
After many years of “sowing” AgroLingua offers companies active in the world of agriculture a chance to "reap" all the benefits we offer.  The team of specialist agricultural translators and linguists – who are basically the DNA of AgroLingua - has enriched and expanded its knowledge over the years to improve its fluency in the language of agriculture. The expertise of the translators at AgroLingua covers the entire spectrum from "from farm to fork”. The translation agency for the agricultural world works for companies and organisations active in every link of the food chain. Examples of our assignments include:

  • laboratory protocols for seed breeding and animal genetics
  • cultivation advice and product descriptions
  • advice on nutrition for animals and humans
  • reports and guidelines for inspection services
  • inspection reports and inspection regulations
  • instructions on climate control in horticulture and the intensive livestock husbandry sector
  • manuals for automated feeding systems for the intensive livestock husbandry sector
  • software for animal and plant management and ERP
  • trade literature
  • manuals for packing, grading and processing lines and machines
  • manuals for equipment and implements used in the poultry, pig and dairy cattle sectors and arable farming
  • corporate brochures, press releases, correspondence and websites
  • menus, recipes and culinary translations
  • general terms and conditions, contracts and HRM and corporate translations

All-round and high quality language services for the agricultural and horticultural sector
The services offered by AgroLingua include (sworn) translations, with and without an apostille*, text localisation, copy writing and editing, technical writing from concept to final translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, language training ( on location) and terminology and document management.  We translate to and from combinations of all European languages and the most common world languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian as well as Hebrew , Ukrainian, Korean, Thai and Indonesian. Over the past 20 years we have written and translated hundreds of technical manuals into more than 20 different languages for a wide range of clients. 

(Agro)technical document management and CE marking
AgroLingua B.V. is deeply rooted in all matters technical and agricultural and is regularly called on to write and translate user and installer manuals for machines and implements used in agriculture, horticulture and food processing.
AgroLingua can also provide advice regarding CE marking and technical writing in general. We look for the right combination of safety, practical and economic feasibility for your turnkey project, stand-alone machine or line.

Legal translations
For legal translations, and sworn translations, we work with

* An apostille is additional authentication required for international acceptance of documents. Once the court has placed the apostille, the document will require no further legalisation. A document with an apostille will be accepted by the country receiving the document.


  • AgroLingua partner of the European Equine Health & Nutrition Congress
    Foto Health en Nutrition Congress.JPG

    For the second time, AgroLingua – the specialist...

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    For the second time, AgroLingua – the specialist translation community for the agri-sector – is a partner at the eight edition of the European Equine Health & Nutrition Congress, organised this year in the historic surroundings of Antwerp on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 March.

    At this edition of the congress, respected national and international lecturers will address equine health and nutrition. This edition’s congress theme is “From Nutrition to Disease and Back” and consists of three main sessions: “Nutrition as cause”, “Nutrition as (part of) treatment or disease modifying tool” and “Nutrition as a tool for disease prevention”.

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  • AgroLingua publishes book on language and translation management

    Order the book...

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    Order the book on:

    AgroLingua – the translation community for the agri-food business –  is about to publish a paperback book. This will be the first publication from the Venlo-based translation agency . AgroLingua  will present the book during the Week van het Venlose Boek – an initiative that aims to promote books written or published by individuals or organisations in Venlo. This special Book Week  will run from 1 to 9 November. 

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  • Everything you need to know about source and target languages
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    We translate to, and from, these languages. This list is not...

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    We translate to, and from, these languages. This list is not exhaustive; we are also experienced with other – less frequently requested – language combinations. If you cannot find the languages you need in the list, please contact us as we may still be able to offer the particular language combination you require. 















    Greek Hebrew





















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  • Don’t underestimate the manual!

    After years of development and production processes, the actual product...

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    After years of development and production processes, the actual product is finally ready to be launched on the market.  There is already interest from potential customers. But the manual still has to be written and translated. So how do you go about that? 

    A comprehensive and clear manual is the only way to effectively provide users with instructions on how to use the product. This product may be a piece of equipment, a machine,  a complete installation or software.  The manual should describe all the aspects of use such as installation, assembly, start up and use procedures and a maintenance and trouble-shooting section.

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