Approved translation agency


Approved translation agency

Want to leave a good impression with your translated texts within the agricultural sector? AgroLingua is an approved translation agency that specialises in the agricultural sector and has obtained the appropriate certificates. A poor translation quickly brings up negative associations in the reader. AgroLingua is aware of this. At AgroLingua, translating equates to more than simply rewriting a text word-for-word into another language.

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Communication is essential. Well-translated texts contribute to this, which is why we strive for the highest possible quality. To guarantee this quality, we use a system that meets all ISO requirements. This means AgroLingua is a certified translation agency.

Quality standard

AgroLingua guarantees a correct and high-quality translation, in accordance with the agreements and briefing. The aim of AgroLingua is to deliver translations of excellent quality, which is why we like to talk to you before we start the translation. We would like more information about the tone of voice, terminology and other (translation) requirements. Our project managers are happy to contribute ideas.

ISO 9001 and 17100 certified translation agency

AgroLingua is a certified translation agency and holds two ISO certificates:

  • ISO-9001
  • ISO-17100
The main purpose of the ISO-9001 standard has everything to do with quality management. In other words: AgroLingua does everything it can to guarantee a certain quality. This is an international standard and AgroLingua has developed a quality policy that is applied in practice. This system enables AgroLingua to learn something new every day and to continue to improve its services.

The ISO-17100 standard is an international standard for translation services. It describes the requirements that a translation service provider must meet with regard to the deployment of people and resources. This certificate proves AgroLingua is an approved translation agency. A translation agency can only obtain this certification if they carry out a second check of the translated text and if the translation is delivered according to the agreement. The other requirements of the ISO-17100 standard relate to the deployment and training of translators, quality assurance, project management and contracts. The security of customer data also plays an important role.

Professional translations

AgroLingua takes the translation of texts within the agricultural sector very seriously, which is why we only engage native speakers for your translation. In addition, every translator has an affinity with the agricultural sector, which makes it possible to make the right match between the translator and the assignment.

Find out the possibilities of AgroLingua for yourself

Would you like more information about AgroLingua’s translation services and possibilities? We will be happy to meet you in person. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!