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Translate terms and conditions

Every enterprise has to deal with general terms and conditions, which contain all the rules and provisions associated with deliveries of products or services. They are often included in websites or you receive them with other transactions and/or agreements. In many instances, people don’t read the ‘fine print’. But the formulation of the document still needs to meet various requirements. And this applies to your general terms and conditions too.

If you are involved in international trade in the agricultural sector, your general terms and conditions need to be in good order, including in the language in the respective country. Because your general terms and conditions are specifically directed at enterprises in the agricultural sector, they will often contain jargon and homonyms.

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Translate terms and conditions: boilerplate

Many companies and organisations use standard texts for the general terms and conditions covering their products and services. Of course, translators who handle your general terms and conditions must be familiar with these standard formulations and the legal jargon used here.

And, of course, you want everyone to understand your general terms and conditions. Precisely what people are agreeing to when purchasing one of your products or services should be absolutely clear. This not only requires a translator with legal knowledge about terms and conditions, but who is also capable of formulating texts in a clear and creative way.

High quality and careful translations

Every country has its own rules and legislation that must be considered when translating general terms and conditions to guarantee a high-quality translation, the translator needs to be aware of the relevant legal provisions in the target country. To make sure of this, AgroLingua only works with translators who translate into their native language and are familiar with the local legislation concerning terms and conditions.

A high-quality translation of your general terms and conditions requires a high level of accuracy. There cannot be any errors or ambiguities in the text. By exclusively assigning translators who have a suitable background, familiarity with the jargon, and the ability to formulate an accessible translation, we can guarantee high quality, carefully prepared translations.

Having general terms and conditions translated by AgroLingua

The translators at AgroLingua translate general terms and conditions with the utmost care. We work according to a step-by-step workflow with which we ensure the quality of the translation:

  1. We receive the documents for translation;
  2. The project manager assigns your assignment to the translator who best suits you and your business;
  3. Our skilled translators start working for you;
  4. The translation process is in progress;
  5. Once the translations are finished, they are checked by a second translator;
  6. The translations are returned to you for any feedback.

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