Translating contracts

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Translating contracts

Companies that operate internationally and work with partners abroad often set out their agreements in a contract. These agreements must be clear for all parties, formulated to be understandable, and meet all the legal requirements. That’s why translating contracts requires specific knowledge.

In the agricultural sector, partnership and other types of contracts often use lot of specific terminology and technical jargon, and homonyms. A word for word translation can lead to a certain term being mistranslated, making the content of the contract inaccurate. AgroLingua translators have specialist knowledge about the agricultural sector. This means you get high quality contract translations.

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Important agreements

Contracts include important agreements between different parties such as the duration of the agreement, a description of the goods or services to be delivered, and the notice period required for termination by each party. A verbal agreement can be binding, but it is certainly wise to put it in writing if each party speaks a different language.

It goes without saying that a contract translation must be completely free of errors. This doesn’t just look exceptionally unprofessional; it can also have undesirable legal consequences and disrupt the relationship between the contracting parties. That is why contract translators not only need to understand the agreements in the contract, but also be able to convey them as effectively as possible in the translation.

International private law

It is clear that contracts must be translated carefully and correctly, even if the translation needs to be completed with a short deadline. The text in a contract is very specific and cannot include any errors or ambiguities. In addition to that, private international law (or ‘conflict of laws’) applies to international trade. This determines which legislation, from which country, is applicable to the contract. This means that translators also need to be aware of the legal jargon to be able to create a good translation.

Exceptionally discreet translators

AgroLingua will only assign translators who have a suitable background and are knowledgeable about the relevant legal matters. If required, we can assign a sworn translator for your translation. This is a registered translator who can produce translations with the same legal status as the original. And of course our translators and project managers are bound by confidentiality agreements. That is our guarantee that we will handle your contracts or other confidential business or private information with absolute discretion.

Having contracts translated by AgroLingua

At AgroLingua, we take the greatest possible care when translating contracts. We do this using a step-by-step workflow:

  1. You send us the contract(s) for translation;
  2. We assign the most suitable translator(s) for your contract(s);
  3. Our skilled translators start working for you;
  4. The translation process is in progress;
  5. Once the translations are finished, they are checked by a second translator;
  6. The translations are returned to you for any feedback.

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