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Prices for Translation Services

Do you work at an international company or organisation active in the agricultural sector? For example in agriculture, horticulture, livestock farming, food, feed or related sectors? Then using high quality translations to serve your customers as optimally as possible is vital. The rates for translation services are based on the text supplied by you.

Correctly translated texts are also important for internal communication at your company, for example manuals and instructions. External communication with regional or national authorities, partners and third parties should also be of a high level.

Because no two translations are exactly the same, we do not offer standard translation rates, but make a suitable quotation.

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The factors that determine translation services costs

The translation rates are calculated based on the length of the text, i.e. the number of words. The word rate varies according to the language combination and depends on the translation requirements. The costs of translation services also depends on the volume of each assignment or can be based on an expected annual volume.

Source language and target language

Depending on the linguistic combination, we calculate the translation rate based on the source language or the target language.

  • The source language is the language being translated from.
  • The target language is the language being translated into.

Our quotations take into account the source language and the target language. For example, the number of source words or the estimated number of target language words is always stated in the quotation. We count the number of words using a word counter, unless otherwise indicated by AgroLingua. Our minimum rate applies for translating short texts (up to about 300 source language words). 

Our hourly rate applies for revision, proofreading, translation of glossaries without context, online translations (CMS), software translations and copy writing.

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