Our method

A translation by AgroLingua is more than simply a word-for-word translation of the original document. Our specialist knowledge of the agricultural sector ensures high quality texts. Discover how a translation agency like AgroLingua works.

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Our method in a nutshell

The translation process of your documents generally proceeds as follows:

  1. The client contacts us either by using the contact form or by telephone;
  2. The texts to be translated are sent to us;
  3. Based on the texts, we send the client a quotation;
  4. We select the most suitable native speaker translator for these texts. This involves assigning a translator based on their specialism, education and/or work history.
  5. Our translators start translating your texts. They use a translation tool in this process. This tool acts as a translation memory and is used to manage client-specific terminology. This tool means our translators have more insight and knowledge of your organisation and subject matter and are aware of the preferred terminology. Companies that have a long-term cooperation with us notice the positive effects of this system on the rates.
  6. The translation process is in progress;
  7. As soon as the translation is finished, the content is checked by a second translator;
  8. The texts are returned to the client, who can supply feedback if necessary.

Our general terms and conditions include a standard confidentiality clause.

High quality translations

Using the services of AgroLingua means the certainty of receiving high quality translations. We can deliver on this promise because we select the right translator for the specific client and assignment. Our translators are native speakers and completely at home in the agricultural sector. Each translator has an affinity with the agricultural sector and is familiar with the specific terminology.

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