About our translation agency

AgroLingua is a unique translation agency

About us

AgroLingua is a specialist in the agri-food business sector, which makes us a unique translation agency. We provide language services and translations to international companies and organisations active in the agri-food sector. We deliver excellence as a committed translation partner for businesses, institutions and organisations. This extends, but is not limited to, companies active in horticulture, livestock farming, agricultural engineering, the feed and food sectors and related sectors.

Value-added translation agency

We add value through our knowledge of the specific terminology and subject matter in the sector. This means that we can supply translations that use the correct terminology in the language you require.

You can consider us an agricultural translation agency or a translation agency for the food industry. Our clients active in agriculture and horticulture value us as the preferred translation agency for their sectors. A fact we are immensely proud of.

Initially, we concentrated on providing language services to clients in the Netherlands and Belgium, but over the years we have continued to grow and are currently also active in German and French-speaking countries.

The value of personal contact

We believe in the combination of the latest translation technology and personal contact. Our clients benefit from our state-of-the-art translation technology that enables us to build, maintain and manage translation memories and terminology lists.

And we offer the added benefit of personal contact. That personal contact is with the sales managers and dedicated project managers. We believe that personal contact is essential, in many cases to dot the i's and cross the proverbial t's. Do you want a literal or a free translation of your text? We are happy to discuss the right approach so that we can match your translation needs. Personal contact is also important to plan translation projects and deliver the translation within the agreed time.

Global translations in all languages

Our clients are active all around the world. We currently have satisfied clients across Europe and far beyond. Our specialisation in the agri-food sector is the main reason companies choose us as their translation partner. The dynamic, innovative agricultural world knows it can fully rely on the skilled translators at AgroLingua translation agency!

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