Certified French translation services

The French are known for taking pride in their language. A few translation errors can put pressure on the commercial relationship with your French partners. That is why it is important to communicate with high-quality translations.

France is an important market for agri-food entrepreneurs, offering an abundance of opportunities. With 67 million inhabitants, it is the second largest consumer market in the EU. This offers a host of opportunities for the export of agricultural produce.

To increase your competitiveness, translations into French are vitally important. The native translators at translation agency AgroLingua ensure that your information is translated professionally into French. Our translation agency uses the right specialist terminology for your sector in its translations.

As a French translation agency, AgroLingua specialises in French translations within the agricultural sector. AgroLingua can also help you with translations into other foreign languages such as German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish or Russian.

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French translations

Agrolingua translation agency is the right address for professional and competent translations into French. All our translators are native speakers, which guarantees that we can provide you with a perfect agricultural translation into French.

As we are an ISO-9001 and ISO-17100-certified translation agency, you are assured of high-quality French translations. These standards oblige us to revise every text in order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. You want to make a good impression on your French target group. That is why AgroLingua’s translators will tailor the texts optimally to your target group.

French is spoken by some 275 million people worldwide and is an official language in some 30 countries. In addition to France, French is spoken in Europe in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco and the Channel Islands. French is also among the most taught languages after English. French is also spoken in Canada and 22% of the population are native speakers. In addition, French is spoken in various countries on the African continent, including Congo-Kinshasa, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Cameroon.

A native French translation

With so many French speakers in the world, business can gain a lot by having their important information translated into French. Translation agency AgroLingua is the specialist in translations for the agri-food sector. Our translators always work using the native language principle. This means that they translate into their mother tongue. Our native speakers guarantee an agricultural translation with the right linguistic feel.

You want to reach your target group with your French translations. This is only possible if the translation contains the right wording to address the reader directly. One-on-one translations of certain words or expressions that are used in French in a different context, or have a completely different meaning, can create tricky situations.

Because French people are so proud of their language, a bad translation is something you want to avoid. A good translation is therefore only possible if the person responsible for the French translation is a native speaker. He or she uses the right language and applies it in an interpretative and creative way to create the best result.

The benefits of a certified French translation agency

Are you looking for a French translation agency and are you considering using AgroLingua? Then you immediately enjoy the following advantages:
● We are quality-oriented and also an ISO-certified translation agency.
● We focus on the wishes and needs of our customers.
● Our translators are result-oriented and ensure consistency in their choice of words.

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