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Professional and Certified Translation Services

AgroLingua translates content for the agricultural sector. A translation by AgroLingua is more than simply translating one word at a time into another language. The translation process is about transferring the meaning and content of the original to the translated text in keeping with the writer’s intention.

Correctly translated texts are essential for internal and external communication. For example, manuals for internal use and texts on a website or in a newsletter for external use.

Because translation is more than reproducing your text in a different language, we offer various certified translation services. Services that match the translation needs of your organisation.

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Various translation services

Our native translators have excellent, professional knowledge of various languages. In addition to their language skills, our translators are specialised in the agricultural sector. For example, a specialisation in agriculture, horticulture or animal husbandry.

But that is not all. Our translators also have the necessary knowledge to translate operating manuals and technical terminology. We even translate into more than 20 languages for some of our clients!

Book translation

Correspondence translation

Legal translation

Marketing translation

Medical translation

Social Media Content translation

Sworn translation

Technical specification translation

Technical translation

Translate a brochure

Translate a declaration

Translate a label

Translate a letter

Translate a manual

Translate a product brochure

Translate a website

Translate an advertisment

Translate an annual report

Translate blog

Translate certificate

Translate contracts

Translate documents

Translate leaflet

Translate MSDS

Translate packaging

Translate presentation

Translate press release

Translate software

Translate trade literature

Translate webshop

Translating advertising texts

Translating an employee handbook

Translating apps

Translating articles

Translating content

Translating cultivation instructions

Translating harvesting instructions

Translating InDesign files

Translating information leaflets

Translating information sheets

Translating print media

Translating product information

Translating product specifications

Translating project documentation

Translating safety regulations

Translating scientific articles

Translating SEO-texts

Translating staff rules and regulations

Translating terms and conditions

Certified Agricultural translations

Agriculture today is highly industrialised. However, its basic principles are still the same: cultivating land to produce food and other useful commodities. Agriculture is often still mainly associated with arable farming.

Some of our clients manufacture agricultural implements and machinery and we provide the translations. These include tractors, ploughs, agricultural sprayers, lifting machines, seeders, bale-wrappers and harrows.

Horticultural translations

Horticulture includes producing vegetables, fruit, flowers, plants, trees, bulbs and seeds. The horticultural sector can be divided into:

  • Open field horticulture (vegetables and flowers);
  • Tree nurseries;
  • Fruit growing;
  • Bulb growing;
  • Cultivation in greenhouses or poly tunnels.

We supply a high volume of translations for the horticultural sector. Our clients include, for example, companies active in seed breeding and research (vegetables, grass) and international auctions. Companies that supply products such as reusable crates and logistics services to horticulture are also among our clients, as well as recruitment and selection companies such as Green People Recruitment and international educational institutions.

Animal husbandry translations

Animal husbandry is the branch of agriculture concerned with animals that are raised for meat, fibre, milk, eggs and meat. This includes poultry farming, horse breeding, pig farming, dairy and beef farming and fish farming.

We are the preferred translation supplier for many international market leaders in this sector. Examples of our work include translations of manuals for climate control in animal housing. We also work with companies active in the field of genetics for poultry, pigs and cattle, and producers of feed machines and milking robots. We also translate for companies that develop and market animal feed.

Food translations

Companies active in the food industry include processors of raw materials and agricultural products into food products. For this sector, we provide translations for international inspection and certification bodies, including translations into German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and English. But also into less common languages such as Afrikaans and Hindi. Our client base also includes food producers and their suppliers in the packaging industry.

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