Certified Russian translation services

As a recognised Russian translation agency, the delivery of specialised and high-quality translations is one of our qualities. Given the difficulty of this East Slavic language, it is very important to choose a native translator. Writing and pronouncing the 33-letter Cyrillic alphabet can be quite daunting to the uninitiated.

Doing business successfully with a Russian partner? Then it is advisable to ensure good quality and specialised communication. As a recognised Russian translation agency, we can help you with specialised translations for the agricultural sector from and into Russian.

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Translation from and into Russian

As a Russian translation agency, AgroLingua specialises in translations for the agricultural sector for the largest country in Europe; Russia. Looking for another language such as  English, Spanish, German, Polish and Dutch? AgroLingua can help you with that too.

From a commercial point of view, Russia, with its more than 140 million inhabitants, is a highly interesting country to do business with. Russian is also the official language in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus.

AgroLingua has ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 certifications to offer the best possible service with regard to translations from and into Russian. As a certified translation agency, you can be sure we provide high-quality translations and processes; for example, all our translations are performed by a native speaker and then revised by a second native speaker.

The importance of a native Russian translator

As an ISO-certified translation agency, AgroLingua works according to the mother tongue principle. This means that translations are made only by translators whose mother tongue is the target language; this is what we refer to as a native speaker.

AgroLingua works exclusively with native speakers. The idea behind using a native speaker is very simple. The translator grew up with the complex, 33-letter Cyrillic alphabet and therefore has knowledge of the language and local culture. Your texts are therefore not a literal translation.

To make a good translation for the agricultural sector, in addition to knowledge of the relevant language, more than sufficient knowledge of the sector is also a precondition. Our native translators are aware of the most recent developments in the sector and master the specific agricultural terminology; a requirement for a good translation.

The benefits of a certified translation agency

Having the translations from and into Russian carried out by a recognised and certified Russian translation agency brings advantages:

  • We are quality-oriented and also an ISO-certified translation agency.
  • We focus on the wishes and needs of our customers.
  • Our translators are result-oriented and ensure consistency in their choice of words.

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