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Russia has become an important player in global agricultural markets.

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Translations into Russian are essential for companies that want to trade with Russia. Communication in this East Slavic language is far from easy. Writing and pronouncing the 33-letter Cyrillic alphabet can be quite daunting to the uninitiated. A native speaker is therefore essential for a reliable translation into Russian. At translation agency AgroLingua we use translators who translate into their mother tongue. Do you need a translation into Russian? Our skilled translators will be happy to work for you.

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Why use Russian translations?

Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of surface area. Russian is also the largest native language in Europe. With some 260 million Russian speakers, it occupies seventh place in the world's most widely spoken languages by the total number of speakers. In addition to Russia, Russian is also one of the official languages in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus. Russia is a transcontinental country and part of both Europe and Asia. The majority of the population (about 70%) live in the European part. From a commercial point of view, Russia, with its more than 140 million inhabitants, is a highly interesting country to do business with. This also applies to companies active in the agri-food sector. Due to the complexity of the language, a good translation of your company information into Russian is vital to communicate well with your potential Russian trading partners. Our translation agency is happy to provide that service!

Russia is the third largest agricultural export market outside the EU

With an export value of one billion euros, Russia is an important export market for the agricultural sector. After the United States and China, it is the third export market outside Europe. The sector can be pleased with such impressive volumes, especially in light of the raft of measures imposed by Russia on the imports of fruit, meat, fish and dairy products in 2014. These sanctions resulted in a drastic reduction in exports. Exporters of fruit, vegetables and meat exporters are still suffering the negative consequences of these sanctions. The rise in exports again recently is mainly due to the export of live cattle and poultry, genetic animal and plant material, animal feed ingredients and crop protection products. Machinery and technology have also become important export products. Agricultural machinery, storage and cooling facilities and greenhouse horticulture technology are increasingly finding their way to Russia. This requires good translations of instruction manuals, for example. Our translation agency offers the necessary expertise.

Professional translations into Russian

Our translation agency provides professional translations into Russian. At AgroLingua translation agency, we are used to dealing with a variety of texts. Our dedicated and professional translators will convert your important information into an excellent Russian translation, whether the content is your website, a technical manual, a laboratory protocol for animal genetics or seed breeding or an inspection report. Are you interested in having your documentation translated into Russian? Please contact us today, we will be happy to provide you with the required translations.