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Good communication between the client and the translation agency is essential for high quality translations. That is why we work closely with our clients and create enduring, personal relationships that create value optimisation. The longer our collaboration lasts and the more intensive our contact is, the more efficient communication becomes. Short lines of communication and the advantage of agility ensure higher quality translations. Long-term cooperation means our translators are more familiar with the communication style of our clients. This means that less preparation is needed for a translation.

AgroLingua currently has a number of mutually beneficial partnerships:

Roodbont Publishers

The focus of the cooperation between Roodbont Publishers and AgroLingua is on combining their individual strengths and further boosting the positions of both companies within the scope of their own core businesses.

Read more about the partnership with Roodbont.

Dutch Poultry Centre

Dutch Poultry Centre depends on partnerships. The partnership between AgroLingua and Dutch Poultry Centre means that AgroLingua will be added as preferred partner. As a preferred partner, AgroLingua is involved in diverse contact moments and knowledge sharing sessions, which are organised by and for partners. Read more about the partnership with Dutch Poultry Centre.

Read more about the partnership with Dutch Poultry Centre.

Fresh Produce Centre

AgroLingua and Fresh Produce Centre are working together specifically on the further expansion of the international market for high-quality agricultural multilingual communication. Read more about the partnership with Fresh Produce Centre.

Read more about the partnership with Fresh Produce Centre.


AgroLingua and Landtechnikvideos have had a business relationship for some time and closely cooperate. Both companies share the same values: independence, reliability and a positive image. Cooperation strengthens that image in the market.

Read more about the partnership with Landtechnikvideos. Landwirtschaftsverlag is Europe’s largest marketplace for agricultural machinery. AgroLingua and its sister company Agrar-Übersetzer are proud to be the official translation and media partner of, which is part of Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag, one of Europe’s largest and most successful media houses for the agricultural sector.

Read more about the partnership with Landwirtschaftsverlag.

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