English translation services

English translations that give content the right feel

English translation services

English is a global language. About 20% of the earth’s population speak English. It is considered the official language of no fewer than 74 countries. There are about 375 million native speakers of English worldwide and more than 430 million speak it as a second language, so it's hardly surprising that English is often the language of international trade, economic relationships and cultural ties. The demand for translations into or from English is logically very high.

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English translation agency

In today’s global world, the importance of English cannot be neglected. Knowledge of English is a vital tool for international communication. English is therefore a compulsory subject at most schools. Many people speak and understand English quite well, but this does not mean that they are able to correctly understand a technical manual written in English. Let alone understand the precise implications of a legally binding contract. The same applies when texts have to be translated from another language into English. It is at this point that even a competent speaker of English may realise that there is more to translating than meets the eye.

Quality that enriches communication

If you are looking for a translation with the quality to enrich your communication, you need the services of a professional translation agency. Every day, the team at translation agency AgroLingua devotes time to translating the central message of your copy into English. Our translators have a passion for language and are specialised in the agricultural sector. They provide their services to various companies and organisations. Examples include cultivation reports for seed breeding companies, translations of operating manuals for processing machines for the fruit sector and complex climate control installations. The translators at AgroLingua base these translations on their extensive knowledge of the subject matter, experience in the agricultural sector and command of the specific terminology.

Translation process: native tongue is target language

We apply the native language principle. This means that the translator is translating the content into the language in which they are most fluent. So, in the case of English, the copy will be translated by a native English speaker. Broadly speaking, native speakers, or mother tongue speakers, are defined as individuals who acquired the language in early childhood. They have the strongest grasp of cultural nuances and the widest vocabulary. This ensures the finished text has the necessary authenticity.

English translations that get the message across

Each sector has its own, specific terminology and jargon that is often incomprehensible to non-specialists. It is vital to reflect this in the translated content. The translators at AgroLingua are well-versed in the terminology of the agricultural domain. This results in English translations with added value that consistently apply the correct terminology and preferences. Communication is done in many formats across multiple platforms. Content can therefore be translated in a style that is very faithful to the source text or interpreted more creatively. To get the message across, the style and tone must be a good representation of your product or brand. We can produce the best possible translation based on your needs.