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The costs for translations are calculated based on a word rate. This word rate varies depending on the language pair to be translated. Depending on the specific languages, the invoice is based on the number of words counted in the document in the source language (the language that is translated from) or the target language (the language that is translated into). This is factored into our quotation. The quotation always states the number of source language words or the estimated number of target language words. The number of words in the document is counted by a computer, unless stated otherwise by AgroLingua.

A minimum rate of € 59 (excl. VAT) per language combination applies for short texts of up to approx. 300 words. A rate of € 59 (excl. VAT) per hour applies for proofreading, revision/editing, translations of glossaries without a context, translations of online text (CMS), software translations and copywriting.

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