German translation services

Agri-food sector benefits from professional translations into German

German translation services

Germany has been a key trading partner for many countries for years. Companies trading with the largest economy in Europe will therefore benefit from translating their documentation into German. Translation agency AgroLingua is an expert in the field of professional translations in the agri-food sector. Your reliable partner for translations into German.

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German is a widely spoken language.

There are several European countries where German is an official language. In addition to Germany, these include Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg. German is also spoken regionally in Italy (South Tyrol), Denmark (South Jutland) and France (Alsace). On the other side of the Atlantic in both North and South America, there are still plenty of people for whom German is the mother tongue. In Namibia, a former German colony, German is still the language of instruction for a small part of the population. The number of people with German as their native language is estimated to be around 100 million worldwide. So, German is a widely spoken language. The native translators of translation agency AgroLingua regularly translate into German for companies active in the agricultural sector.

Significant export volumes to Germany

The German economy is the fifth largest in the world and accounts for one-fifth of the European Union’s GDP. With a population of 82.4 million, Germany is also the largest consumer market in the European Union. And the German marketplace has a significance that extends beyond its borders. Germany hosts some of the world’s largest trade events in the agri-food sector. Exhibitors from all over the world use these trade events as a platform to promote their European and worldwide expansion strategies. Translations into German are therefore of great, if not decisive, importance for every company in the agri-food sector.

German translation agency

Translating is an almost impossible art. A good translator does not stop at simply replicating a source text word by word into the target language. That is where the work really starts. A translation must faithfully capture the original text, but also distinctively address the reader of the text. If a translation contains words and phrases that are used in a very different context in German than the text leads you to believe, you will have a problem. Instead of the reader being able to concentrate solely on the information about your products and services, a poorly translated text will distract the reader and raises more questions than giving answers. Seen in this light, a good translation is therefore only possible if the person responsible for the translation is a native speaker. He or she uses the right language and applies it in an interpretative and creative way to create the best result. At our translation agency you can always rely on professional translations that convey the right message to your customers in Germany or other German-speaking countries.