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Translate blog

Blogs are used in different ways. There are many personal blogs online, but more and more companies have also started business blogging. Their blogs provide additional information about their services and try to teach the reader something. When you work internationally, you want your blogs to be read by the entire target group. So it makes sense to have your blog translated.

When you’re looking for a translation of your blog, you want this to be done properly and professionally. The translator of your blog must not only be familiar with the relevant field of expertise, but also be able to formulate the information in a creative way.

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Blog as a marketing tool

The word blog is an abbreviation of weblog. This literally means ‘a log on the internet’. During the rise of the digital age, many people used the Internet as their personal journal to share information for their readers to respond to. Examples include personal stories and travel diaries. Blogs have now grown into a much broader medium.

Many companies choose to blog for business. They use their blogs as a marketing tool to reach their target audience as effectively as possible. Blogs are translated to inspire the international target group with attractive content. So translating a blog should be done carefully.

A blog achieves the best results if it is pleasant to read and does not contain woolly language. A translator should be aware of this. Not only must he or she be familiar with the target language of your blog, the translator must also have the necessary sense of language and creativity. AgroLingua’s translators are familiar with the online reading behaviour of visitors and convert every blog post into an informal written article that takes the target group into account.

The translators of AgroLingua

AgroLingua only works with native speakers who know the fine nuances of their own language and have no trouble avoiding the pitfalls involved in translating a blog. They master the nuances of their language and know what is involved in a blog translation. This means AgroLingua can translate blogs for companies that want to inform, inspire and advise their (potential) customers in a to the point way.

Blog translation by AgroLingua

Een blog vertalen wordt door de vertalers van AgroLingua met uiterste zorg gedaan. Wij werken aan de hand van een stappenplan waarmee we de leesbaarheid van jouw blog kunnen waarborgen:

  • You send us the blog articles;
  • The project manager assigns the translator who best suits you and your business;
  • Our skilled translators get to work on your blog; If you often have blogs translated by AgroLingua, our translator will ensure continuity within the blogs;
  • The texts are translated;
  • Once the translations are finished, they’re reviewed by a second translator;
  • The translations are returned to you for any feedback.

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