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From the time that Columbus discovered the route to the Americas on behalf of the Spanish crown, Spanish became the language of instruction in Latin America. From Mexico to the southern tip of Argentina there are many countries where Spanish is the official language. With about 475 million native speakers, Spanish is one of the world's most widely spoken languages. At AgroLingua translation agency, we are the right partners for a professional translation into or from Spanish.

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Spanish is a global language, and according to a recent paper on language teaching in schools in the UK, Spanish lessons are booming in schools across England despite the general decline of modern foreign languages taught in classes. It could even overtake French and German. A command of Spanish is very important in the context of international business and communication. Globalisation has driven an increase in the number of companies, but also individuals, who come into contact with Spanish as a written or spoken language. AgroLingua is an expert in the field of translations for the agricultural sector and helps numerous organisations when content has to be translated into or from Spanish. We work according to the native language principle. This means that the target language is the native language of the translator. Native speakers are therefore always used during the translation process. These native speakers have the ability to produce an accurate, expert translation with the right tone of voice.

European Spanish and Spanish in Latin America are different

In total, Spanish is spoken in 21 countries. Which Spanish variety you need depends on the market you intend to operate in. When native speakers are used for the translation process, the result is not only a high quality text linguistically, the content will also have the correct nuances. Even in Spain there is no standard Spanish, but five official regional languages! Although Spanish is generally similar in the various countries and regions, there are also a number of important differences. In Spain, for example, ustedes (you) is often used, while in the former Spanish colonies this is uncommon and vosotros is usual. In Central and South America, you drive a carro, while the Spaniards drive a coche. There are also differences in the Latin American countries. So a Mexican says aguacate for avocado, while in Peru this native fruit is known as palta. This illustrates how important it is for a translator to know the local differences in language use and choose the right variants when translating a text.

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Are you are looking for a translation that is not only linguistically correct, but is also written with expert knowledge of the agri-food sector? Welcome to translation agency AgroLingua! We regularly provide translations into and from Spanish. Our translators are completely at home with the specialist terminology and jargon used in the agricultural sector. Because communication is possible in different formats and on different levels, in consultation with the client we can deliver a translation that is closer to a literal version of the source text or is a more creative interpretation.