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Brochure translation

Brochures, leaflets and catalogues are still among the most popular advertising media for companies or services. They are in demand in all kinds of areas; from tourism and the fashion world, to agriculture, livestock breeding and the food industry. Companies that are active internationally obviously prefer to present themselves in the language of the country where they are active or established, as it helps them reach a larger audience and increase brand awareness. This requires accurate catalogues and brochure translations.

Translating brochures, leaflets or catalogues presents a new challenge every time. It requires professional translators with experience in the relevant sector and in business communication, who have mastered the nuances of marketing communication.

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Translations in the original layout

Different requirements are set for translating a brochure, leaflet or catalogue. The translators assigned to do this work must be excellent writers who are able to create appealing advertising text in the target language from the source material; the translation of slogans, titles and captions mustn’t look like hack advertising material. In fact: The translation is only successful when it’s completely unnoticeable that the text is a translation and not an original.

Further, when translating a brochure, leaflet or catalogue, the layout of the source text must also be taken into account. If the translation is too long, the text might not fit in a frame, or words might be divided incorrectly, which obviously looks very unprofessional. The translators and project managers at AgroLingua always make sure the translations correspond to the original layout.

Affinity with the industry

AgroLingua works with translators with an affinity for the agricultural sector and the product, and who are experienced in translating marketing material. They can therefore deliver perfect brochures, leaflets and catalogues in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian or any other language. We’re a specialised ISO-certified translation agency, and we distinguish ourselves from the competition through prompt delivery of high-quality translations, clear communications, transparent agreements, and outstanding value for money.

Catalogues and brochure translations: our workflow

Our translators will gladly translate your brochure, leaflet or catalogue. The process involves the following steps:

  1. The texts are delivered to us;
  2. We look for the most suitable native translators with the specific skills for your organisation;
  3. Our skilled translators start working;
  4. The texts are translated;
  5. As soon as the translations are finished, they are checked by a second translator;
  6. The translated texts are sent to you for any feedback.

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