Translating a website


Translating a website

Websites come in all kinds of types and sizes. Each site focuses on its own primary, target audience. The translation of a website requires a very specific approach. In the agricultural sector, knowledge of the sector is a major advantage when translating the website. You want to create the right feeling in the website visitor, also in another language.

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Do you want your website translated? Then you want a high-quality translation. The texts on your website represent your company within the agricultural sector and immediately leave a first impression on visitors. At AgroLingua, translating a website is more than just stringing words together in a literal translation. All our translators have specialist knowledge of the agricultural sector. This way, we can guarantee high-quality texts for your company’s website.

Because we have in-depth knowledge of the agricultural sector, we are also familiar with homonyms. This expertise ensures your texts are translated correctly and consistency, so nothing gets ‘lost in translation’.

Specialist knowledge

Despite the major differences between companies within the agricultural sector, the websites also have many similarities. Every organisation wants to present itself as professionally as possible with the website. An attractive design contributes to this, but the texts also have a lot of influence on this. For example, the texts must be clear, to the point and appealing. A literal translation with badly constructed sentences or glaring translation mistakes must be avoided.

At AgroLingua, we understand the importance of high-quality translations. That is why we only work with translators who have an affinity with the agricultural sector. They have a broad background, matching AgroLingua. Based on this background, we can make the right match between customer and translator.

Website translations: how we work

Our team of reliable and capable translators is ready to translate your content. The process involves the following steps:

  • You send us the website content;
  • We look for the most suitable native translators with the specific skills for your organisation;
  • Our skilled translators start working;
  • The texts are translated;
  • As soon as the texts for the website are completed, they are checked by a second translator;

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