Dutch translation services

Translation into Dutch is important in the innovative agri-food sector

Dutch translation services

Did you know that Dutch is one of the 40 most widely-spoken languages in the world? Surprised? The number of people who speak Dutch worldwide is estimated to be around 30 million. Most of them naturally originate from the Netherlands or Belgium. In total, on the very small part of the globe occupied by the Netherlands and Flanders, about 23.5 million people speak Dutch. However, countries such as Suriname, Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten also have Dutch as an official language. Add to that the one million Dutch and a few hundred thousand Belgians who live abroad, plus residents from former colonies who (still) speak Dutch and that top 40 ranking immediately becomes clear.

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Dutch translation agency

Translation agency AgroLingua not only translates from Dutch into languages such as English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish or Russian. Texts are also translated into Dutch from various other languages on a regular basis. Technological development is moving at a rapid pace in the agricultural sector. The sector is facing massive challenges which imply a transition towards a new type of agriculture. For this reason, many high-tech and innovative companies are active in the sector.

Staying up to date

For efficient production, modern agricultural entrepreneurship requires knowledge of automation, digitisation and robotisation. To run a modern horticultural or agricultural company able to produce affordable, safe and healthy food, today's producers cannot afford to be out of step with developments. It is essential to closely monitor the latest consumer trends and technological developments. This often requires a translation into Dutch of important information published in a foreign language. For this reason, AgroLingua translation agency regularly translates manuals for machines and tools, climate control in animal housing and the latest statistics on increased sustainability in the sector - to mention just a few subjects. We also translate brochures, websites and other relevant information concerning livestock farming, genetics, horticulture and fruit growing for companies in the agricultural sector.

Target language is native language

A translator from AgroLingua translation agency works according to the native language principle. This means that the native language is the target language for translations. So, the translator is always a native speaker. In the case of translations into Dutch, the mother tongue is Dutch. Native speakers are capable of translating a text accurately, skilfully and with the right feel for the intricacies of the language. They are aware of the cultural and regional differences within the region where the language is spoken. Translating is more than simply converting individual words or phrases from one language to another. In order to deliver a good translation, knowledge of and affinity with the sector is vital. Our team of expert translators knows exactly what is going on in the industry and commands the specific specialist terminology that guarantees a perfect translation.