Certified Italian translation services

Are you looking for specialised translations to communicate at a high level with your Italian contacts? Then look no further than AgroLingua. With our certified Italian translation agency, you are assured of high-quality translations thanks to our result-oriented approach.

Italy is an important trading partner for the Netherlands; not only for the import of wine, but also for industry and food, for example. Other European countries also conduct a lot of trade with Italy or one of the Italian minority areas such as Argentina, Croatia or Ethiopia.

Do you want to do business successfully with an Italian agricultural partner? Then we advise you to engage AgroLingua for high-quality communication. As a certified Italian translation agency, we are happy to help you.

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Translation from and into Italian

The Italian language is considered a Romance language. The same goes for Spanish, French, Portuguese and Romanian; they all originate from Latin. The Italian language is also seen as a folk version of old Latin. You could argue that it started as an attempt to translate the old Latin into a language that more closely resembled the language spoken by the common people.

As a certified translation agency, AgroLingua is specialised in Italian translations for the agricultural sector and its related sub-sectors. We can also help you with translations into English, Spanish, German, Polish and Russian.

As we are an ISO-9001 and ISO-17100-certified translation agency, you are assured of high-quality translations. An ISO certification, for example, stands for the obligation to work according to a four-eyes principle; the translation is performed by a native speaker and then revised by a second native speaker. This ensures your Italian translation is optimally geared to your Italian target group.

Native Italian translators

A good translation doesn’t stop with converting the source text into the target text; translating is a profession in its own right, requiring a great deal of knowledge of the sector, terminology and language.

The translation must contain the correct terminology and the reader must be directly addressed by the text. If a translation contains words and phrases that are used in a very different context in Italian than the text leads you to believe, you will have a problem in the country in question.

Instead of the reader being able to concentrate solely on the information about your products, a poorly translated text will distract the reader and raises more questions than giving answers. Seen in this light, a good translation is therefore only possible if the person responsible for the translation is a native speaker. He or she uses the right language and applies it in an interpretative and creative way to create the best result. At our translation agency you can therefore always rely on professional translations that convey the right message to your customers in Italy or other Italian-speaking countries.

The benefits of a certified Italian translation agency

The Italian translations of AgroLingua bring many advantages:

  • We are quality-oriented and also an ISO-certified translation agency.
  • We focus on the wishes and needs of our customers.
  • Our translators are result-oriented and ensure consistency in their choice of words.

English- Italian and other common translations

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