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Italian is spoken by about 90 million people worldwide. Approximately 63 million people in the world speak Italian as their first language. And many others speak it as a second language. Italian is the official language of Italy, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City. However, it is also an officially recognised minority language in countries such as Argentina, Venezuela, Croatia and Ethiopia. So Italian is also a major language that is regularly used in translations. AgroLingua translation agency is the right address for professional and competent translations into Italian.

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From Latin to Italian

Italian, like Spanish, French, Romanian and Portuguese is a Romance language which has its roots in Vulgar (“Common”) Latin. The first documents that were written in some form of Italian date to the 10th century. These were an attempt to translate the scholarly Latin into a language that more closely resembled the language spoken by the common people. The language that came to be thought of as Italian developed in central Tuscany thanks to medieval writers such as Dante who decided to write his poems and stories in this language. In fact, he is still credited with making an important contribution to standardising the Italian language in this way.

Italian in Argentina

It is not surprising that Italian is an officially recognised minority language in Argentina as many Italians emigrated to this South American country over the past centuries. Italian is the largest ethnic origin of modern Argentines, after Spanish. The Italian blood flowing through the Argentines is reflected, for example, in the hand gestures. They are exactly the same as in Italy. So, when you do business with Argentina, it could even be a good idea to have your texts translated by a translation agency into both Spanish and Italian. It could boost your success!

Italian translations add value to your business

Companies active on the international market know that good translations are an important factor in their success. A translation into Italian is indispensable if your focus is specifically on countries where Italian is spoken. Providing a professional and correct translation into Italian of the important information about your company and products adds value to your proposition. Taking the language and cultural differences of the country you are doing business with into account in your communication will set you apart from the competition.

Professional Italian translations

AgroLingua is a professional translation agency. We place high demands on the output quality of the content being translated. The completed translation must not only be linguistically correct, it must also apply the right, sector-specific terminology. This necessitates an excellent command of the language and knowledge of the industry. During the translation process, the target language of the text is the native language of the translator. We utilise our extensive network of professional translation talent. Native speakers who are linguistic experts and realise that the cultural implications of the language can be just as important as understanding the language itself. They know exactly how to convey an accurate and precise message with the right tone to engage the target audience. The result is a high quality translation into Italian.