Partnership with Ekomenu

A nutritious diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes it can be a challenge to know what to eat and how to combine this with your personal requirements and goals. Fortunately, Ekomenu provides support through its customised, 100% organic weekly menu, that fully satisfies your dietary and nutritional requirements and goals.

To effectively reach its international target audience in both the Netherlands and Belgium, Ekomenu has decided to apply a multilingual marketing strategy. To support this strategy, Ekomenu has engaged the services of specialist translation agency AgroLingua for several years.


According to Ekomenu, healthy food must not only be delicious and diverse, but also transparently and consciously supplied. With this in mind, the recipe box producer not only offers varied meals, but also insight into customer eating habits and the correlating impact on their health and the environment.

Every week, Ekomenu customers receive a digital receipt which includes a personal Foodprint. This is an overview of scores relating to four key points: quantity of vegetables, vitality, (reduced) carbon emissions and water savings.

Thanks to Ekomenu’s Foodprint, you gain a clear insight into how healthily and environmentally conscious you have eaten during the week, and which choices you can make to further improve your health and environmental contribution.

International communication

In 2022, Ekomenu announced its decision, together with EXKI, to enter the recipe box market in Wallonia; this followed a successful entry to the market in Flanders. The decision to expand into a French language region was made on the basis of a growing demand for healthy meal solutions among the French-speaking population in Belgium.

When entering a new market, it’s vital to consider both linguistic and cultural differences. This is why Ekomenu has decided to translate their website content, product descriptions and other forms of communication into French and English, to provide the target audience in Wallonia with a fully optimised service. Translating the content ensures that potential customers in Wallonia understand what the recipe box contains and what the benefits of ordering the boxes are.

Ekomenu’s expansion into Wallonia provides opportunities for further growth and success in the Belgium market. By taking linguistic and cultural differences into account, the organic recipe box producer can attract new customers and gain a strong foothold in the recipe box market in Wallonia.

Benefits of the partnership

The partnership between AgroLingua and Ekomenu means that AgroLingua is the permanent business partner for all translation work.

A project can consist of:

  • Translating and/or proofreading recipe cards for recipe boxes;
  • Translating and/or proofreading social media content;
  • Translating and/or proofreading landing pages;
  • Translating and/or proofreading website texts.

Discover the advantages of the partnership yourself

Would you like more information about the partnership between AgroLingua and Ekomenu? We’d be delighted to explain more in person. Please feel free to contact us or visit the Ekomenu website.