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Partnership with Landtechnikvideos

Landtechnikvideos was founded by Jörn and Tammo Gläser, two independent film producers with a passion for agriculture. For more than 15 years, the brothers have travelled the world to document new and impressive stories that feature agriculture and agricultural technology.

They gained their first international experience in producing agricultural videos by shooting the DVDs “Allrad - Antrieb für mehr” (Four-wheel drives – driving more) in Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland. Duly impressed by different locations, larger fields and wider machines, they decided to share their experiences through regular online blogs and on their website. Many of the brothers’ early films and photos can be found in their Media Library at

AgroLingua and Landtechnikvideos have had a business relationship for some time and closely cooperate.

Business partners

For years, AgroLingua and Landtechnikvideos have cooperated in a customer/vendor relationship. This cooperation was established after a meeting at the Landtechnische Unternehmertage in Würzburg. During a visit to an agricultural trade fair in Hanover, AgroLingua took the initiative to establish a strategic partnership.

Landtechnikvideos has been active in the market for more than 20 years. This one-stop service for film production is brand-independent which means they are highly appreciated by companies in the sector for their reliability and objectivity. Both companies share the same values: independence, reliability and a positive image. Cooperation strengthens that image in the market.

Scope of the partnership

The partnership between AgroLingua and Landtechnikvideos means that AgroLingua is the preferred, regular supplier of all translation work. Currently, the translations are mainly into English and French, and occasionally Italian and Spanish.

Benefits of the partnership

A strategic partnership has many advantages for both AgroLingua and Landtechnikvideos:

  • More professional image and higher profile in the international agri-food sector;
  • Increased lead generation and commercial success.

Advantages for Landtechnikvideos:

  • High quality translations;
  • Expansion of its network within the existing AgroLingua network.

Advantages for AgroLingua:

  • Expansion of its network within the existing Landtechnikvideos network;
  • Higher volume of translation work, increased lead generation via Landtechnikvideos;
  • Higher brand recognition of AgroLingua thanks to the global reach of Landtechnikvideos productions in the agri-business sector.

Landtechnikvideos: “ and the international spin-off are known worldwide for their sophisticated, independent documentaries that feature agriculture and agricultural technology. The documentaries, which last several hours, are released on DVD and video-on-demand. We translate our productions from German into at least four other languages (including English, French, Spanish and Italian).

Before we started working with AgroLingua in 2016, we sourced our translations from a general translation agency with no professional links to the agricultural sector. There was no cause for complaint with the basic translation work, but there were clear shortcomings in the technical terminology. Agrar-Übersetzer has helped us make the texts far more suitable for international audiences. The team around Jos van Kleef has now translated several hundred pages of text for us.

The feedback from our viewers is very positive. So we logicically chose Agrar-Übersetzer to translate the content of our German YouTube channel, which with over 215,000 subscribers is very successful, into English and French. This content is freely accessible to all and everyone can also see the high quality of the translations provided by AgroLingua."

Discover the advantages of a partnership

Would you like more information about the cooperation between AgroLingua and Landtechnikvideos? We are happy to explain more personally. Please feel free to contact us or visit the website of Landtechnikvideos.

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