Partnership with Roodbont

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Partnership with Roodbont

Roodbont Publishers specialises in the production of practical, agricultural knowledge content in the form of printed and e-books, e-learning and training in more than 50 countries. AgroLingua specialises in translating content for the international agri-food market into more than 150 language combinations. Two good ingredients for an ideal, strategic partnership.

AgroLingua and Roodbont Publishers will cooperate on expanding the international market for high-quality agricultural knowledge content, with a focus on e-learning channels.

Strategic partners

For years, AgroLingua and Roodbont have cooperated in a customer/vendor relationship. This pleasant collaboration prompted AgroLingua to suggest forming a strategic partnership. A robust foundation for cooperation.

Some time ago, AgroLingua and Roodbont became strategic partners. The focus of the cooperation is on combining their individual strengths and further boosting the positions of both companies within the scope of their own core businesses.

AgroLingua:“Roodbont and AgroLingua share many similarities. We are both companies that contribute highly specific expertise to the international agri-food business. Roodbont does this as a publisher of knowledge content and AgroLingua through its language and translation skills. Roodbont has unique, comprehensive agricultural knowledge and we would like to share that in our extensive B2B network.

Scope of the partnership

The partnership between AgroLingua and Roodbont means that AgroLingua is the preferred, regular supplier of all translation work.

A project can consist of:

  • translating a new (online) book as part of Roodbont's Signals series of publications;
  • translating an existing (online) book in the Signals series into another language;
  • translating e-learning modules within the Signals concept;
  • translating e-learning productions for third parties and creating new (online) knowledge products as part of a wider information concept.

Benefits of the partnership

A strategic partnership has many advantages for both AgroLingua and Roodbont:

  • More professional image and higher profile in the international agri-food sector;
  • Increased lead generation and commercial success.

Advantages for Roodbont:

  • High quality translations;
  • Expansion of its network within the existing AgroLingua network;
  • Easier access to new markets, such as horticulture, for example.

Advantages for AgroLingua:

  • Expansion of its network within the existing Roodbont network;
  • Higher volume of translations, more editions in more languages;
  • Increased international awareness of our book translations.

Roodbont: “We have used AgroLingua's professionalism as a translation agency to translate our knowledge products for a long time. The translation expertise at AgroLingua and its wide network can open up new markets for our knowledge products. High quality translations, ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified, and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and sector-specific terminology."

Discover the advantages of a partnership

Would you like more information about the cooperation between AgroLingua and Roodbont Publishers? We are happy to explain more personally. Please feel free to contact us or visit the website of Roodbont.

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