Certified Hungarian translation services

Are you looking for specialised translations to communicate at a high level with your Hungarian contacts? Then look no further than AgroLingua. With our certified Hungarian translation agency, you are assured of high-quality translations thanks to our result-oriented approach.

One of the striking features of the Hungarian language is that it has no common ground with the languages of its neighbouring countries. In fact, Hungarian is a particularly linguistic island in Europe. Hungarian is counted among the Ural languages - on the other hand, Slavic languages are spoken in all neighbouring countries of Hungary.

The language that comes closest to the Hungarian language is Finnish and Estonian. A Finn and an Estonian would be able to understand each other more or less if they both spoke in their native language. But a Hungarian wouldn’t understand a word. This is because Hungarian has developed a very different vocabulary from Estonian or Finnish due to 7,000 years of linguistic history and the geographical distance from the other two languages.

What connects the three languages, however, are features of the language structure.

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Translation from and into Hungarian

Although German and English are also spoken in Hungary, those who want to do business successfully in this country or expand their activities can’t ignore the Hungarian language. If you want to have websites, statements, sale conditions and manuals translated into Hungarian, among other things, you should not rely on an online translation machine, but instead contact AgroLingua translation agency.

We use highly trained and experienced Hungarian language experts who have Hungarian as their mother tongue. Using the right words and feeling is important to make a good Hungarian translation. Our Hungarian employees empathise perfectly with every assignment to guarantee the best translation.

Surprisingly many Hungarian language combinations

There are surprisingly many Hungarian language combinations Our translators are perfectly capable of translating them all with the highest quality. The language combinations we process the most are Hungarian - Dutch, Dutch - Hungarian, German - Hungarian, Hungarian - German and French - Hungarian and Hungarian - French.

AgroLingua translation agency is ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified, Thanks to these certifications, we meet strict requirements with regard to our processes and translations and we deliver high quality using a traceable system. We distinguish ourselves through timely delivery of high-quality translations, clear communication, transparent agreements and an excellent price-performance ratio.

The benefits of a certified Hungarian translation agency

The Hungarian translations of AgroLingua bring many advantages:

  • We are quality-oriented and also an ISO-certified translation agency.
  • We focus on the wishes and needs of our customers.
  • Our translators are result-oriented and ensure consistency in their choice of words.

English - Hungarian and other common translations

  • Translator Dutch - Hungarian
  • Translator Hungarian - Dutch
  • Translator Hungarian - German
  • Translator German - Hungarian
  • Translator Hungarian - Spanish
  • Translator Spanish - Hungarian
  • Translator Hungarian - French 
  • Translator French - Hungarian
  • Translator Hungarian - Portuguese
  • Translator Portuguese - Hungarian