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PLMA Amsterdam 2023

Is your company involved in the production and distribution of private labels? If so, it’s important to note 23-24 May 2023 in your diary, as this is when the annual PLMA international ‘World of Private Label’ trade show will take place at RAI Amsterdam.

This international trade show will present more than 2,500 exhibitors from over 70 countries, including retailers, wholesalers and other professionals in the private label industry, as well as manufacturers. The aim of the trade show is to discover new products, connect new and established contacts and inspire new ideas in order to further develop private label programmes.

Growing market share

The growing popularity of private labels has led to a considerable market share in recent years. In seven European countries, private labels now account for more than 40% of all products sold, while this is more than 30% in nine other European countries.

At PLMA’s international ‘World of Private Label’ trade show, exhibitors are visited by buyers from various categories, such as supermarkets, discounters, pharmacies, warehouses and traders. These buyers are searching for different products, ranging from affordable alternatives to innovative premium products.

Importance of correct translations

If you produce private labels and have the opportunity to agree a good deal with an international buyer, it is vital to ensure that your product packaging is correctly and accurately translated by a specialist service. In the food industry, high quality translations are essential.

It is crucial to understand clearly what products contain and how they need to be prepared. If the translation is incorrect or inaccurate, this can not only unintentionally affect the taste of the dish but can also be dangerous to people’s health too.

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