A day with Florence Bosch

Florence Bosch, Project Manager and youngest member of the AgroLingua team, is usually the first to arrive at the office, switch on the lights and turn on the radio. Background music always makes the day that little bit easier and more enjoyable. Florence always travels to work by bike, regardless of the weather.

After switching on her computer, she is never quite sure exactly what her morning will look like. It all depends on the number and type of emails that have arrived since the end of the previous working day. After opening her email software, she is soon up to date and ready for the day ahead. An English translator and a French translator have both completed a customer project on agricultural machinery. These texts now need to be revised by another native speaker before being sent back to the client. The German translation hasn’t been delivered yet, but that’s okay; the deadline isn’t until 11:00 anyway. And the German speaking revisor has already been informed to expect another project this morning.

A potato producer wants to enter the international market and has requested the translation of their website, brochures and a video into English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Firstly, the client would like to know the cost of the project, so Florence creates a quote based on the texts intended for translation. As this is a larger project containing several thousand words, she offers the client a reduced rate, which we often apply to larger projects. Now we have to wait for a reply and hope that the customer agrees to proceed.

Another request has just arrived in the inbox, involving a unique translation combination: French to Sinhalese. Florence has a solution for this project too, as AgroLingua’s expansive network of translators also includes two native Sinhalese speakers. The client is informed that the translation process can start and the completed project will be returned in two days time. Florence also quotes the price for this service in her correspondence with the client.

Another thing she needs to do today is write a post for LinkedIn and our own website. Tomorrow, our two sales and account managers will be visiting a trade fair in Amsterdam. Attending the event is extremely worthwhile, as our (potential) customers know that they can contact our colleagues for a chat or ask questions on establishing a long-term partnership. It’s better to have a conversation in person rather than over the phone, especially if you can meet one another at a trade fair...

In the meantime, an interpreting assignment and another translation request have arrived in the inbox. Fortunately, Florence isn’t the only Project Manager at AgroLingua, so the workload can be easily shared with her project management colleagues.

As 17:00 approaches, Florence makes sure she has completed her tasks for the day and takes a quick look at what she has planned for tomorrow. An extensive website translation needs to be sent back to the client. The revisor, who is in the process of revising the project, is known for their reliability and always delivers a project on time. So no need to worry!
Time to go home, her bike is 'waiting' for her.

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