Our Rooster Breaks Down Language Barriers

How do I address and engage with an international audience correctly and which communication channels should I use? These are just two issues that face many marketing and communication professionals when considering their international communication strategy. Translation agency AgroLingua decided to publish a book to provide actionable insights and tips. The result is Our Rooster Breaks Down Language Barriers.

Six chapters take readers on a voyage of discovery through the dynamic world of multilingual communication and agricultural translations. Did you know, for example, that when creating content for international social media channels, not only should you take the local popularity of your products into account, but also the way in which you address consumers. Don’t lose sight of specific social manners, customs and cultural differences.

Changing landscape of communication in the agrifood sector

One of the chapters in Our Rooster Breaks Down Language Barriers addresses the changing landscape of communication in the agrifood sector. The agrifood business is the sector that has probably experienced the most radical changes in recent decades. Across the globe, but especially in western countries, agriculture, fruit growing, animal husbandry and food production can no longer be compared to the small-scale farms and nurseries of the previous century.

The changing consumption patterns of consumers have led to a steadily increasing range of exotic fruit and vegetables and plant-based meat alternatives. Technical and scientific developments mean these foods are occupying a more prominent place in our supermarkets.

Not only has the product range seen huge change, technology has also drastically transformed the communication methods and channels used by the industry. In the past, word of mouth advertisements were a key factor in increasing sales. Today, a raft of other strategies are also deployed. The content of advertising materials such as brochures can be tailored specifically to suit the target group or persona. This also applies to websites, where there are infinite possibilities to incorporate visual features.

YouTube and TikTok are platforms where the agrifood sector can be presented in smart, detailed and attractive videos. Social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook offer unlimited opportunities to promote products. Facebook has 2.9 billion monthly users while Instagram offers a similar service and in 2021, reached a new milestone of 2 billion active users worldwide.

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