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Book translation

Translating informative books is also the domain of professional translation service providers. This process involves much more than simply converting the source language into the intended target language. The content and meaning must be translated into a completely different language, while retaining the same message and tone as the original book.

An informative, educational book is often translated less literally (word for word). The translation must also use the correct terminology and avoid the trap of homonyms. The link between different words must be immediately clear and the translations must be understandable for the target group.

The translators at AgroLingua have specialised knowledge of the agricultural sector. This ensures high quality book translations. The translations of the book align with the reader's information needs, regardless of the language.

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The correct tone

All translators at AgroLingua have specialist knowledge of the various facets of the agricultural sector, so there is always a suitable translator for the subject matter of your book. The translator understands the subject matter from the reader's point of view and has the creativity required for literary translations. In addition, our translators are able to process high volumes of text in a relatively short time and can meet tight deadlines.

The result? A book translation that can be delivered quickly, but at the same time a translation that matches the quality of the original book in the right tone of voice. As a translation agency specialised in the agricultural sector, we know just how vital it is to ensure the translation of a book is accurate and correct.

Book translations by AgroLingua

AgroLingua will translate your book with the utmost care. We do this by following these steps:

  1. The book text to be translated is sent to us;
  2. The most appropriate translator for your project is assigned to translate the book;
  3. Our translators start translating your texts;
  4. The translation process is in progress;
  5. As soon as the translation is finished, the content is checked by a second translator;
  6. The translations are returned to you for feedback.

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