Legal Translations

Legal translations for the agricultural sector

Legal translations

Are you looking for a translation agency that looks beyond the text when translating your legal documents? We provide you with what you need; a translation agency where translators know the ins and outs of the work. Translating legal texts is a very precise task. AgroLingua’s translators know how important it is for a legal text to be translated flawlessly.

Legal translations require more than simply translating the text word-for-word. The jargon and homonyms in such texts mean that translation errors can happen easily. However, even the smallest translation error can compromise the content of a legal document. It’s therefore essential your documents are translated well, especially for agricultural companies that operate internationally.

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Various legal translations

Agricultural companies that operate internationally regularly deal with various legal documents, such as contracts, licences, etc. These documents contain important agreements between different parties. If the two parties speak different languages, it’s wise to make sure translations of these legal texts are carried out well.

If one thing is certain, it’s that legal translations must be flawless. Not only do errors look unprofessional, they can also cause undesirable legal consequences and damage the relationship between the contracting parties. A translation agency therefore needs to be aware of both the content of the legal documents, and how to communicate this as effectively as possible in the translation.

Discreet translators

AgroLingua only engages native speakers to translate your legal texts. All our translators have an appropriate background, and are familiar with relevant legal subjects. AgroLingua’s translators have an affinity with the agricultural sector.

Our translators and project managers are subject to a confidentiality clause, so you’re assured that your legal documents and other personal or business information are handled discreetly.

Legal translations by AgroLingua

At AgroLingua, we translate legal documents with the utmost care according to our workflow:

  1. The legal texts are delivered to us;
  2. The most suitable translator is assigned to your project;
  3. Our skilled translators get to work for you;
  4. The texts are translated;
  5. Once the translation is finished, it’s reviewed by a second translator;
  6. The translation is sent to you for any feedback.

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