Marketing translations


Marketing translations

In the world of translation, translating marketing-related texts is a specialism in its own right. A literal translation simply doesn’t work in most cases, because marketing translations are about getting the message across. The tone of voice has to be appropriate and reflect the marketing campaign, which is why translating marketing texts involves much more than merely repeating the source text word-for-word in a different language

Marketing texts in the agricultural sector often use specific terminology and homonyms. A word-for-word translation could result in a certain term being translated incorrectly and the message becoming distorted. AgroLingua’s translators possess specialist knowledge of the agricultural sector, so you’re assured of high-quality marketing translations.

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Language and culture

Brochures, advertisements, advertising slogans and other marketing texts have to be both informative and appeal to a specific target group in a specific area. An ad that hits just the right note in your country might fall completely flat in another, as languages, cultures, norms and values vary from nation to nation. For example, an ad might refer to English current affairs or cultural phenomena that mean nothing in other countries.

Marketing translators therefore need to understand the message the authors want to convey, and how to translate it so it remains as effective as possible for a foreign target group.

Clear, appealing translations

Marketing texts are used to present your company and your products or services as effectively and professionally as possible, so it’s important these texts are clear, to the point, and appealing. It’s vital to avoid literal translations with awkward expressions and clumsy sentence structures at all costs. In other words, the text mustn’t read like a translation, but like a text originally written in the target language.

To make sure this happens in practice, AgroLingua uses translators with experience in translating marketing material and an affinity with the agricultural sector. They’re not afraid to depart from the source text without compromising the information, context and message that the translation has to convey. Our translators are always native speakers who have mastered the nuances of their language, and know what is involved in translating marketing texts.

Marketing translations by AgroLingua

  1. The legal texts are delivered to us;
  2. The most suitable translator is assigned to your project;
  3. Our skilled translators get to work for you;
  4. The texts are translated;
  5. Once the translation is finished, it’s reviewed by a second translator;
  6. The translation is sent to you for any feedback.

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