Medical translations


Medical translations

Medical texts encompass a wide audience; the subject matter and the method of use can be very diverse, the readership is very varied and the demands placed on medical translations are very different.

Sometimes, medical texts are full of concepts and technical terms that many people can barely make sense of. This is the case, for example, with documents that medical professionals focus on. However, there are also medical texts that are intended for laymen and require a clear and, above all, comprehensible translation.

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Medical background

The spectrum is multifaceted in the medical translation sector. In addition to translations in the medical field, we can also provide pharmaceutical translations. We have a wealth of experience in medical technology and healthcare. A network of hundreds of translators enables us to professionally carry out assignments in all medical fields and languages.

Translating professional medical documents involves much more than just a translation, for which a solid language knowledge can be sufficient. If a translator doesn’t fully understand a text, or is unaware of a specific medical term, the consequences can be far-reaching. That is why we employ translators who have a medical background to translate your medical texts into other languages. Whether it is a package leaflet or a product description, medical reports or a brochure of a hospital.


In most cases, a project with a medical background, such as a package leaflet, must be immediately translated into multiple languages. AgroLingua translation agency offers all customers a one-stop-shop service. This means we can immediately translate one source text into several other languages, for example, into Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian or any other language.

Based on the highest attainable European quality marks ISO 9001 and ISO 17100, strict requirements which AgroLingua translation agency must meet, our goal is to deliver perfect translations. We distinguish ourselves through timely delivery of high-quality translations, clear communication, transparent agreements and an excellent price-quality ratio.

Medical translations by AgroLingua

Medical translations are carried out with the utmost care at AgroLingua. The process involves the following steps:

  1. The medical text is delivered to us;
  2. The most suitable translator is assigned to your project;
  3. Our skilled translators get to work for you;
  4. The texts are translated;
  5. Once the translation is finished, it’s reviewed by a second translator;
  6. The translation is sent to you for any feedback.

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