Sworn translations


Sworn translations

Not all translations are sworn translations. Sworn translations are translations that are legally valid and certified by a sworn translator.

Sworn translations must be done by a sworn translator in the country for which the document is being translated. So there is more to the translation than you probably expect.

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What are sworn translations?

As indicated above, a sworn translation can only be made by a sworn translator. The translations made by this translator are legally valid immediately. This is because the translator is registered in the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators or a foreign variant thereof. In addition, this translator has been sworn in by the court.

As a sworn translator you are required to be registered with at least one court. Furthermore, the translation is only truly sworn when it is accompanied by a statement from the translator, together with his or her signature and official stamp.

A sworn translator needs a diploma from an accredited translation course. Because he must be affiliated with a court, he must also take a professional oath. A translator’s sworn status must be renewed every five years, because it is not valid any longer.

When do you need a sworn translation?

ECustomers often think all legal document require a sworn translation. However, this is not correct. A legal translation only needs to be sworn when you need it for an official body. Consider the following documents, for instance.

  • Legal documents for court cases;
  • Diplomas;
  • Wills.

Not sure whether you need a sworn translation? In case of doubt, AgroLingua always advises to check with the requesting authority whether this is, indeed, necessary.

Sworn translations by AgroLingua

Need a sworn translation? AgroLingua is your ideal partner. We specialise in translating texts within the agricultural sector, even if it concerns a sworn translation.

To be able to deliver a translation of the best possible quality, we only engage native speakers. Because our translators have an affinity with the agricultural sector, they are familiar with the terminology.

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