Technical translations

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Technical translations

Translating technical documents requires a good understanding of the subject matter. The terminology used in technical translations must be consistent and correct. An incorrect translation in a technical manual or safety instruction can have disastrous consequences. As well as a high level of subject knowledge, translating technical documents requires the ability to transmit the information in a clear way.

The agricultural sector uses a lot of specific terminology and technical jargon, as well as homonyms. If a translator is unfamiliar with these aspects, errors may quickly be made. All the translators at AgroLingua have specialist knowledge of the agricultural sector. We can guarantee high-quality technical translations that make the information accessible for the target audience.

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The importance of a good manual

The information relating to a particular product must be translated correctly, clearly and unambiguously so it can be understood by the reader (the operator of a machine or installation or software user). Every aspect of installation, assembling, commissioning, setting and adjustment and maintenance up to and including troubleshooting must be described, as well as all the safety instructions that have to be observed.

When the user needs help to solve an issue, they must be able to locate the relevant information quickly. A short, practical, written manual or guide based on minimalist and visual principles is therefore essential.

Accurate technical translations

As a translation agency specialised in the agricultural sector, we are fully aware of the importance of absolutely accurate technical translations. Our translators never translate a text literally, they have a solid understanding of the basic principles and apply this knowledge in the translation.

As a translation agency in the agricultural sector, we have the resources to translate even the most complex technical texts into an accurate and understandable translation. Our translators work in a highly professional manner. Any specific terminology or language issues in the document are discussed with the client. The quick, short lines of communication mean we can deliver accurate and high quality technical translations.

Technical translations by AgroLingua

AgroLingua produces technical translations with the greatest care. The process involves these steps:

  1. We receive the technical documents to be translated;
  2. The most appropriate translator for these texts is assigned to your project;
  3. Our skilled translators start working for you;
  4. The translation process is in progress;
  5. As soon as the technical translations are completed, they are checked by a second translator;
  6. The translations are returned to you for any feedback.

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