Translate an advertisement

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Translate an advertisement

There’s a lot more to translating advertisements or advertising messages than you might think. Even if it only requires translating a few lines of text or simply a few words. The translators at AgroLingua translation agency possess specialist knowledge necessary for the effective localised translation of adverts for international markets.

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Advertisement translation: a profession in its own right

The content and layout of the original advert are often designed to seamlessly connect to the local market. For example, the creator of the advert will take into account the manner in which the local target audience wants to be addressed, and factor in current developments in the country too. Yet these specific decisions lead to the creation of adverts that simply aren’t relevant, suitable or understandable for use in other countries. That’s why there’s so much more to advertisement translation than simply changing a text into a different language.

Translating adverts for a different market is a profession in its own right. In most cases, literal translations don’t work for the target audience, meaning the translator must look for an innovative and original angle. At the same time, the translator mustn’t lose sight of the look and feel of the campaign, and is required to know the client’s activities and products inside out. Advertisement translations also requires commercial insight, empathy, linguistic skills and a creative mindset. The advertisement translators at AgroLingua possess these skills and the knowledge to create a product that contributes to successful international advertisements.

Advertisement translation: our method

The translators at AgroLingua translate your adverts to and from English, or any other language, with the utmost precision. To guarantee a high quality translation, we use the following workflow:

  • The advertisement(s) intended for translation are sent to us;
  • We select the translator who best suits you and your business;
  • Our professional translator starts work on the translation;
  • As soon as the texts for the advert are completed, they are checked by a second translator;
  • The translations are returned to you for any feedback;.

  • The result is an advert that, in tone and composition, perfectly complements the original campaign, yet is formulated in a way that will connect to the intended international target audience.

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