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Translation of declarations

Institutions often ask for important documents, and sometimes these have to be in a different language. Translated declarations can be essential when exporting your products, for example. We translate your declaration and the complete documentation, preparing you for your activities abroad.

Our translators are always aware of the latest developments in terminology, style and content. As native speakers, they’re also aware that differences in interpretation can have major consequences. It goes without saying that translating a declaration is a very sensitive matter. A declaration is an important document that has to be flawless, because errors can lead to misunderstandings which must be avoided at all costs. Every declaration requires its own expertise, and must be translated accordingly.

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Sworn translators who know the nuances of the agricultural sector

If required, you can have translations done by a sworn translator who knows the nuances of the agricultural sector, giving the translation the same legal status as the original. In many cases, this is mandatory or at least recommended for the translation of declarations intended for official institutions and government agencies. A certified translation provides more certainty. With our translation agency, you don’t need to worry about secrecy, as our project managers and translators treat all documents confidentially and discreetly.

Fast and accurate

AgroLingua can provide these translations quickly and accurately in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian and other European and Asian languages. We specialise in providing declarations in more than 170 language combinations. Our sworn translators are experts who know the jargon and are familiar with the subject areas, so you can entrust the translation of any declaration to us. In addition to declarations, we’re also experienced in translating documents such as deeds, terms and conditions, contracts, and agreements.

To comply with international quality guidelines, all translations are performed according to the ISO 17100 standard for translations. This involves integrating translation assignments into a professional project management system, as well as a final revision of sentence structure, spelling and grammar. The result is a translation that is guaranteed to meet all the requirements.

Declaration translation by AgroLingua

Declarations are translated with the utmost care at AgroLingua. The process involves the following steps:

  1. One or more declarations are delivered to us;
  2. The most suitable translator is assigned to your project;
  3. Our skilled translators get to work for you;
  4. The texts are translated;
  5. Once the translations are finished, they’re reviewed by a second translator;
  6. The translations are returned to you for any feedback.

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