Translate webshop


Translate webshop

If you want to sell your products not only in your own country, but also abroad, there’s really only one option: put your company on the map internationally and make your webshop multilingual. But beware! Translating a webshop is not an easy task.

Potential customers are more likely to spend more time on your webshop when it is written or translated into their own language. They are also more likely to make a purchase. This way, you not only reach a larger target group but you also increase sales. However, this is easier said than done. If you take the initiative to translate your webshop yourself or with the help of a friend, there is a good chance the desired result will not be achieved.

It is best to leave the translation of your webshop to a translation agency with professional staff. The experienced translators of AgroLingua translation agency know exactly how to handle such projects.

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Easier to find your webshop

If you have your webshop translated, you want every language version to look like an original. If you decided to have AgroLingua translate your webshop, you can assume the translation is optimised to score within the search engines.

Furthermore, texts, slogans and concepts must be correct, to the point, clear and appealing. AgroLingua employs translators who have experience in translating web shops and comparable online environments and who are native speakers. Our translators master the nuances of their language and have a creative mind. They are also familiar with the agricultural sector and have an affinity with the products sold in your webshop. This enable them to tailor the translation of your webshop to the target group and deliver high-quality translations.

Translate webshop: A special method

When translating a webshop, care must also be taken that the layout of the original website remains unchanged. For example, a translation that is too long can lead to the text no longer fitting completely into the boxes, or words to be hyphenated incorrectly. That, of course, is not what you want.

AgroLingua’s translators ensure the translations always fit in the original format. Webshop translation also requires a particular working method and specialised instruments, such as computer-assisted translation software, glossaries and adapted style guides that define preferences (standard formatting, abbreviations, and preferred terms). AgroLingua can offer you this service too!

Website translation by AgroLingua

Webshops are translated with the most care at AgroLingua. The process involves the following steps:

  1. We receive the website texts for translation;
  2. The most suitable translator is assigned to your project;
  3. Our skilled translators get to work for you;
  4. The texts are translated;
  5. Once the translation is finished, it’s reviewed by a second translator;
  6. The translation is sent to you for any feedback.

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