Translating advertising texts


Translating advertising texts

Writing marketing and advertising texts such as advertisements and brochures is a profession in its own right. The same applies to a translation of this work. A literal translation doesn’t usually work, as blindly converting a text to another language just won’t work. That’s why translation agency AgroLingua uses experience copywriters for the translation of advertising texts. They can translate all kinds of creative texts to and from any requested language.

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Translating advertising texts: a profession in its own right

Brochures, advertisements, advertising slogans and other forms of advertising text must be informative and appeal to a specific and localised target group. For example, a too literal translation of a successful advertisement in England might fail completely in Dutch. The advertisement might contain an untranslatable linguistic joke or refer to British current affairs. For this reason, translators of advertising texts must completely let go of the original text and focus on the message the creators wish to convey.

That’s why AgroLingua only uses copywriters who are experience in the translation of advertising texts. And because the nuances of a language are so important in marketing and advertising text translation, our translators are always native speakers. Additionally, they are knowledgeable about the particular industry or the product being showcased.

Translating advertising texts: our method

The translators at AgroLingua translate your advertising text to and from English, or any other language, with the utmost precision. To guarantee the quality of translation, we use the following workflow:

  • We receive the advertising text intended for translation;
  • We select the translator who best suits you and your business;
  • Our translator is instructed to perform the translation;
  • Once the translated advertising text is finished, it is reviewed by a second translator.
  • The translations are returned to you for any feedback;.

  • The result is an advertising text that successfully conveys your message and reads just like an original text.

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