Translating an employee handbook


Translating an employee handbook

An employee handbook contains all relevant company and behavioural rules and is an important supplement to an employment contract. It contains the general rules that everyone in the company should adhere to. Examples of these rules are a smoking policy, absence procedure, and the use of mobile phones and social media during working hours.

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Translating an employee handbook: a profession in its own right

If clear arrangements are in place, then employees know exactly what is expected of them. This in turn prevents undesirable behaviour, unpleasant situations, and any tensions in the workplace, and also offers solutions to any potential problems should they arise. Company policy, as written in an employee handbook, plays a vital role in the unlikely event of a legal dispute.

Of course, this only applies if the policy is clear to all employees, including non-English speakers. For companies employing international staff, an accurately translated employee handbook is essential. Fortunately, translation agency AgroLingua has in-house translators who possess the specific knowledge required to translate employee handbooks to and from any requested language. They are experienced in the translation of company policies, are knowledgeable on the subject and have an affinity for the sector. As the wording is precisely formulated, AgroLingua always uses native speakers for these translations, who've mastered the nuances of their language and combine their professional knowledge with an excellent command of tha language.

Translating an employee handbook: our method

The translators at AgroLingua translate your employee handbook to and from English, or any other language, with the utmost precision. To guarantee the quality of translation, we use the following workflow:

  • We receive the employee handbook intended for translation;
  • We select the translator who best suits you and your business;
  • Our translator is instructed to perform the translation;
  • As soon as the texts for the employee handbook are completed, they are checked by a second translator;
  • The translations are returned to you for any feedback.

  • The result is an informative and easy to read employee handbook, so that international employees know exactly what the organisation expects of them.

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