Translating print media

International exposure with translated print media

Translating print media

Even in this digital age, posters, brochures, product guides and other printed media are ideal for introducing customers to your company or product. If you are active abroad, you will naturally want to present yourself in the language of the country in question. A good translation is indispensable, as it enables you to reach a larger target group and improve your brand awareness. Translation Agency AgroLingua works with translators with knowledge of your sector and product, and experience of translating marketing material. They are therefore able to deliver perfectly translated print media.

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Drukwerk vertalen: een vak apart

In order to increase your professional image as a company, advertising slogans and other texts need to be clear, to the point and appealing. You’ll also want to avoid literal translations that use embarrssing expressions and awkward sentence structures. That’s why, at AgroLingua, we only use copywriters who have lots of experience in translating marketing material. They’re not afraid to depart from the source text, without compromising the information, context and message of the original print media text. Our translators are always native speakers who have mastered the nuances of their language, and know what is involved in translating print media texts.

We also take the layout of the original text into account when translating print media. A translation that is too long can, for example, cause a text to run outside of the frame, or cut off words in the wrong way. Our translators always ensure that the translations fit the original layout. If required, we can also check the print proofs or files and, where necessary, adapt the translations to fit the available space.

Translating print media: our method

Translators at AgroLingua translate your print media to and from English, or any other language, with the utmost precision. To guarantee a high quality translation, we use the following workflow:

  • We receive the print media intended for translation;
  • We select the translator who best suits you and your business;
  • Our translator is instructed to perform the translation;
  • As soon as the print media texts are completed, they are checked by a second translator;
  • The translations are returned to you for any feedback.

  • The result is a high quality print media translation that makes a strong impression on the intended foreign target audience.

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