Translating scientific articles


Translating scientific articles

There’s a lot more to translating scientific texts than you might think. Translating theses, scientific articles, essays and dissertations requires a thorough knowledge of, and an affinity with the subject. From a linguistic point of view, a scientific publication must be translated with 100% accuracy. They must be easy to read and shouldn’t include translations that are too literal. That’s why translation Agency AgroLingua only uses native speakers, who understand the nuances of their native language and possess a creative and writing style.

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Translating scientific publications: a profession in its own right

We have an extensive team of translators, each with their own expertise and academic background. For each project we select a translator with the right experience and appropriate academic knowledge. If the need should arise, we consult you, the client, about the terminology required and, where necessary, collect reference material or background information ourselves. In addition, all translations are checked internally by an expert revisor, also in possession of specific scientific knowledge. Naturally, you will be given the opportunity to make any corrections or alterations to the translation. We are only satisfied when you are happy with the final product.

Academics, who've written their text in another language, can ask for their publication to be checked by one of our professional revisors. They then carry out linguistic checks (such as spelling and grammar) and simultaneously ensure that the use of terminology remains consistent throughout the document. Scientific writing is a profession in its own right.

Translating scientific publications: our method

Translators at AgroLingua translate your scientific publications to and from English, or any other language, with the utmost precision. To guarantee the best quality translation, we use the following workflow:

  • We receive the documents for translation;
  • We select the translator who best suits you and your business;
  • Our professional translator starts work on the translation;
  • As soon as the texts for the scientific articles are completed, they are checked by a second translator;
  • The translations are returned to you for any feedback.

  • The result is a consistent translated of a scientific publication, that meets the strictest academic requirements.

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