Partnership with Dutch Poultry Centre

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The Dutch poultry sector is a vital element of the Dutch food industry; in 2021 there were more than 20.000 people working in the poultry sector in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is internationally renowned for its poultry farming expertise. Dutch Poultry Centre is an umbrella organisation of more than 100 international companies active in the poultry sector. Dutch Poultry Centre also works to safeguard and reinforce the positive reputation of the Dutch poultry sector.

The business network

Collaboration between partners, working with clients and associates across the globe; at Dutch Poultry Centre the primary focus is on intensive collaboration with the aim of enhancing the marketing of the Dutch poultry sector.

AgroLingua has been working intensively with various leading companies from the Dutch poultry sector for many years. Most of these companies are also members of Dutch Poultry Centre, providing an ideal opportunity for AgroLingua to expand its business network, enter into new collaborations and establish itself even further within the sector.

Partnership with AgroLingua

Dutch Poultry Centre depends on partnerships. The partnership between AgroLingua add Dutch Poultry Centre means that AgroLingua will be added as preferred partner.

As a preferred partner, AgroLingua is involved in diverse contact moments and knowledge sharing sessions, which are organised by and for partners. Sharing knowledge and ideas with companies in the sector often leads to innovative solutions and cross-pollination. As a certified translation agency, AgroLingua will support members of Dutch Poultry Centre in the area of multilingual communication in all preferred languages.

The advantage of a partnership

As befits a good partnership, the collaboration between AgroLingua and Dutch Poultry Centre has advantages for both parties.

Advantages for Dutch Poultry Centre:

Advantages for AgroLingua:

  • Reinforcing our own network with the Dutch Poultry Centre network
  • Knowledge enhancement in relation to the poultry sector

Remko Custers, Sales & Account Manager at AgroLingua:

“Some clients drew our attention to Dutch Poultry Centre’s strong and relevant network. We would like to increase visibility in our active sectors and partnering with Dutch Poultry Centre offers us the perfect opportunity to achieve this in the poultry sector. The ideal mix of new and existing connections will help AgroLingua take another big step forwards!”

Jan Hulzebosch, Relations Manager at Dutch Poultry Centre:

“Dutch Poultry Centre depends on partnerships, collaborating closely with partners, clients and associates across the globe. Dutch Poultry Centre is therefore delighted to have a leading and specialised agricultural translation agency like AgroLingua as part of our network. AgroLingua and Dutch Poultry Centre, together serving the poultry planet!''

Discover the advantages of the partnership

Would you like more information about the partnership between AgroLingua and Dutch Poultry Centre? We’d be delighted to explain more in person. Please feel free to contact us or visit the website Dutch Poultry Centre.

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