PARTNERSHIP WITH Fresh Produce Centre


Partnership with Fresh Produce Centre

Fresh Produce Centre represents the interests of Dutch companies active in fruit and vegetable sales, and is a source of knowledge and inspiration. Its members account for over 80% of total sales of fruit and vegetables in the Netherlands, which are worth around €18 billion (including growers’ associations).

AgroLingua and Fresh Produce Centre are working together specifically on the further expansion of the international market for high-quality agricultural multilingual communication.

Business partners

AgroLingua and Fresh Produce Centre have been working together in a customer/supplier relationship for over 10 years. Both organisations support the international fruit and vegetable sector, each in their own way, by serving trading companies and growers’ associations involved in the sales of fruit and vegetables. They specialise in domestic wholesale, import, export, treatment, processing, packaging and storage and transhipment of fruit and vegetables.

The partnership

AgroLingua and Fresh Produce Centre have entered into a partnership where AgroLingua is the business partner for all translation work. AgroLingua is also a patron of Fresh Produce Centre. Patrons of Fresh Produce Centre operate in the members’ field of activity, and are affiliated with the network.

Benefits of the partnership

The partnership has advantages for both AgroLingua and the members of Fresh Produce Centre.

Benefits for members of Fresh Produce Centre:

  • Discounts on translations for all members and associate members of Fresh Produce Centre.
  • Quick response, and at home in the jargon of the fruit and vegetable sector;;

Advantages for AgroLingua:

  • Our own network is strengthened by the Fresh Produce Centre network.

Yvonne Wigchert, Fresh Produce Centre:
“AgroLingua has been the specialised expert translation partner for Fresh Produce Centre for over ten years! Most translations are to and from Dutch, German, English and French. The patronage of AgroLingua translation agency and the added benefits for members of Fresh Produce Centre underline the amicable professional working relationship we have with each other.””.

Discover the advantages of a partnership for yourself

Would you like more information about the partnership between AgroLingua and Fresh Produce Centre? We’d be delighted to explain more in person. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit the Fresh Produce Centre website.

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