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AgroLingua and Ekomenu join forces in partnership

AgroLingua has announced a partnership with Ekomenu, an innovative company in the area of healthy and sustainable recipe boxes. This partnership enables Ekomenu communicate more effectively with international target audiences and to break down language barriers.

This new partnership means that AgroLingua will be responsible for Ekomenu’s translation requirements, such as the translation of recipe cards, website content, marketing materials and other forms of communication. To support Ekomenu’s international expansion, the specialist translators at AgroLingua will ensure that Ekomenu’s message is accurately translated into English and French, and conveyed in a style that is culturally relevant.

“Ekomenu is tremendously excited about working with AgroLingua to enhance our global communication", says Jack Stroeken, founder of Ekomenu. “AgroLingua’s translation expertise and experience in the agri-food sector are perfectly aligned with our mission to make healthy food available to everyone. Together, we can effectively communicate our message to different language communities and in doing so, will contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world.”

For more information on the partnership between AgroLingua and Ekomenu, please visit our partner page.

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