Agricultural translation agency

Agricultural translations are highly specialised and therefore require skilled and specialised translators. As an agricultural translation agency, AgroLingua knows the pitfalls of agricultural translations better than anyone else. That is why we only work with native speakers specialised in the agricultural sector.

In the agricultural sector, there is a lot of international goods traffic. A high-quality agricultural translation is therefore of great importance. Within the agricultural sector, technical jargon and homonyms are widely used. If a translator is unaware of this, mistakes will soon creep into technical translations.

Accurate agricultural translations

Translating professional agricultural documents requires much more than a thorough knowledge of languages. If a translator does not fully understand a text or does not know an agricultural technical term and therefore makes a translation error, this can have major consequences. As an agricultural translation agency, our team of translators is selected and supervised with the utmost care.

Experienced translators

We have a large number of native speakers we work with. In addition, all our translators have an affinity with the agricultural sector. This allows us to guarantee quality for your agricultural translations. When we start working on your agricultural translations, we will make a suitable match between the assignment and the translator. If our translator has a question about the translation, he or she will contact you. This way, we can translate the agricultural texts to suit you and your business.

Agricultural translation agency AgroLingua

An agricultural translation is done with the utmost care at AgroLingua. Our working method is best explained in eight concrete steps. Would you like us to translate your agricultural texts for you? Then we apply a translation rate on a word-by-word basis. Our translation rates also depend on the source and target languages.

Agricultural translation agency

Knowledge of jargon


Are you active in agriculture, are you a farm machinery producer and do you have an international customer base? Then you probably need high quality translations on a regular basis. Our team of native speakers are experts in translations for the agricultural sector.

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Livestock farming faces a number of important challenges. On the one hand, livestock farmers must transition towards more sustainability, on the other hand they must also respond to developments in the field of automation, digitisation and internationalisation of the market.

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Agricultural Engineering

Are you looking for a specialist agency for translations in agricultural engineering? Then you have come to the right place at AgroLingua. Our expert native translators speak your professional language and deliver translations that make a difference. Thanks to their education and/or experience, our translators are completely at home in the world of agricultural engineering.

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Each year, flower growers from the Netherlands make sure that Saint Peter's Square in Rome is transformed into a sea of blooms at Easter. Flower and vegetable production are sectors that are largely export-oriented. Operating internationally means communicating in multiple languages.

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The food industry is a complex collective of various sectors and represents one of the largest global industries. We provide translations on a wide range of subjects. Whether the translation concerns packaging texts, an inspection report, food safety regulations or directives for international trade in foodstuffs, we provide a professional and accurate translation of all your documentation.

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The first thing you associate with fruit growing in the Netherlands is likely to be apples and pears. However, the range of fruit grown in the Netherlands is much wider! For example, asparagus and soft fruit like berries and the first ‘Neder’ bananas in Gelderland. Exports of our produce play a vital role in our economy. For example, Germany is an important market for our fruit.

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Seed breeding

That the Netherlands is a major player in the field of seed breeding may be obvious; a large proportion of vegetable and horticultural seeds originate from Dutch soil. As a specialised seed breeding translation agency, AgroLingua offers the right translation support. Our expert translators speak the language of the (international) seed breeder.

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Poultry farming

The poultry sector is an important and growing part of the Dutch food industry; large quantities of poultry meat are exported from our country every year. As a specialised translation agency for the poultry sector, our (translation) language specialists can support you in the field of multilingual communication for international relations.

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Vegetable cultivation

Do you have the ambition to become more internationally active and are you looking for a specialised agricultural translation agency for translations in the vegetable sector? Then you have come to the right place at certified translation agency AgroLingua. If you are a Dutch company active in the sector, chances are that sooner or later you will have to deal with international buyers and sellers; you will therefore benefit from having professional translations made.

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Arable farming

The Dutch economy earned more than €46 billion from exports of arable products in 2021. Thanks to rising exports of arable products and globalisation in the agro and food sector, agricultural translations are more important than ever before. Thanks to our specialised and expert professionals, we speak your language and can deliver translations that make a difference internationally.

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Pig farming

Due to the international nature of pig farming, the demand for multilingual agricultural communication continues to rise. As a specialised translation agency, we provide expert translation support for pig farming suppliers. Whether it is user manuals for your ventilation systems or export documentation to a European country? The specialist translators of agricultural translation agency AgroLingua are at your service.

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Dairy farming

The growing global demand for dairy not only means that Dutch dairy farms can sell more milk to foreign countries; it also offers the opportunity to export knowledge and technology. Whether your dairy farm focuses on the national or international market, there are more than enough reasons to opt for multilingual communication in the form of translation.

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