The dynamic food sector needs a dynamic translation agency

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The food industry is a complex collective of various sectors and represents one of the largest global industries. For a translation agency like AgroLingua, this involves dealing with a diverse range of subjects that all relate to food in some way. Whether the translation concerns packaging texts, an inspection report, food safety regulations or directives for international trade in foodstuffs, AgroLingua translation agency will provide a professional and accurate translation of all your documentation.

Food is a dynamic sector

The dominant players in the food sector are large, multinational companies. Many food products found on the supermarket shelves are produced by these companies, covering the spectrum from big-name to own-brand products.
In addition to large-scale food production in the hands of a few companies, another trend is emerging of small-scale initiatives. These enterprises are often driven by idealism and a desire to break new culinary ground and respond to the growing need for sustainable and healthy food. These companies want to make a difference by increasing the sustainability of the food chain and promoting a healthier diet. But carving out a place in the crowded food market is no easy task. Sustainable production invariably involves higher costs and therefore a higher sales price. And although the number of consumers demanding sustainable and healthy food is increasing, they are not all prepared to pay the premium for these eco-credentials.

Food halls, food trucks and farmers’ markets
The avid band of supporters of locally produced, artisan and freshly prepared food is growing. Food halls and local markets offer a gourmet experience to lovers of global or local cuisine. And no festival is complete without the popular food truck. These mobile catering businesses feed hungry foodies with delicious street food. AgroLingua translation agency regularly translates recipes and menus.

Presence at international food fairs
To keep up with the latest developments, trends and innovations in the global food and beverage sector, a visit to Anuga in Cologne or Sial in Paris is essential. These trade events offer the ideal platform for entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector to present their goods and services. Professional translations of the most important information about your company or organisation are vital.

A translation agency that speaks your language
Translation is more than just converting content from one language to another. In addition to robust linguistic knowledge of the source and target language, a good translation requires profound knowledge of the industry. Our translation agency is an expert in the field of professional translations for the agri-food sector. We speak your language because we have years of experience in this sector. We know everything about food. Our translation agency has its roots and origin in agriculture. We know the entire food chain and translate from “farm to fork" and from “seed to table". Our translations are a standard in the agricultural world. Are you interested in a translation for your food company? Contact us today and let us take care of your language mediation!