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Pig farming

Are you a supplier in the pig farming sector and expanding your business to reach international markets? Then the chances are you will require specialised translations on a regular basis. At Agricultural translation agency AgroLingua, you've come to the right place. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise, our team of specialist native speakers add value to your methods of international communication.

Do you require translations of user manuals for your pig farm’s ventilation systems, or export documents for a European country? The specialist translators at agriculutral translation agency AgroLingua are ready to help.

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Circular industry

The pig is traditionally seen as a prime example of a farm animal suiting a circular approach. It converts low grade by-products and residual products from the food industry into high quality (protein rich) food. Almost 50% of a the feed a Dutch pig requires consists of the aforementioned by-products and residual products from the food industry.

The incorporation of these residual products is vital to the success of food waste prevention. Partly due to the production of circular feed, the CO2 footprint of Dutch pig farming is among the lowest in the world. Apart from meat, pig farming produces manure. This manure can be used to generate green energy, or as a natural fertiliser for agricultural crops.

Translations for pig farming

Economically speaking, pig farming is an important sector in the Netherlands. The sector exports more than 2.5 billion euros worth of pork to Germany, Italy and Greece. The doesn’t even include the export of supplier products such as equipment for barns, farrowing pens or animal feed.

Due to the international nature of pig farming, the demand for multilingual agricultural communication continues to increase. When it comes to translation projects, and as a specialist translation agency, we provide expert support for pig farm suppliers.

Are you going to export farrowing pens, floor systems or ventilation systems to Italy, Germany, Spain or England? Then you will require Italian, German, Spanish and English translations.

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