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Vegetable cultivation

Do you have the ambition to be more internationally active and are you looking for a specialist agricultural translation agency for translations in the vegetable growing sector? Then look no further than translation certified agency AgroLingua.

Thanks to our specialist and expert professionals, we speak your language and deliver translations for the vegetable growing sector that make the difference internationally. Whether your company is active in the greenhouse cultivation of tomatoes or cucumbers, or in arable farming producing leeks, asparagus or onions, our specialist translators feel completely at home in the world of vegetable cultivation thanks to their educational background and/or experience.

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Global player in fruit and vegetable industries

The vegetable growing sector is (together with the fruit growing sector) one of the Dutch economy’s main assets. With a total turnover of approximately 18 billion euros, the Netherlands is at the forefront of production, import and export. The Dutch fruit and vegetable industry fulfils a large part of the global demand for healthy food.

Today, Dutch fruit and vegetable traders know how to source high quality products grown in Dutch fields, in Dutch greenhouses, or anywhere else in the world. “Supplied from as close to home as possible, or from the other side of the world if necessary”, states our partner GroentenFruit Huis.

Reliable partner

Despite the effects of rising transport costs, lockdowns and Brexit, the trade in fresh Dutch vegetables (and fruit) to international markets has increased. More than 80% of vegetable produce are sold within a radius of 1,000 kilometres. In recent years, the Netherlands has continually proven itself to be a reliable partner in delivering fruit and vegetables to European retailers.

As a grower, exporter or trader, you want to create and maintain successful partnerships with the buyers of your products, yet this involves much more than delivering a quality product at a good price. Ever thought of going one step further to provide recipes or product information in a specific language for the customer? The translation specialists at AgroLingua can provide excellent support in realising your ambitions.

Translations for the vegetable growing sector

The Netherlands is a global player in the cultivation and trade of fruit and vegetables. If you are a Dutch company operating in the sector, chances are that sooner or later you will come into contact with international buyers and sellers. Professional translations will become essential to your success.

This could involve anything from recipes for cultivated produce, manuals for an irrigation sprayer for use in greenhouse farming, or seed sowing instructions. There are an unlimited number of reasons for having your most important documents translated.

Agriculture AgroLingua translation agency provides expert translations for the vegetable growing sector into languages that include German, English, Spanish, Italian, French and Polish.

Translation agency AgroLingua: 100% agricultural

Translation agency AgroLingua focuses entirely on the agri-food sector. Our strength lies in the broad knowledge and experience we have in the agricultural world. After years of sowing, nurturing and harvesting, our translation agency and our translations have become the standard! Would you like more information about AgroLingua’s services? We’d be delighted to explain more in person. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!