Certificate translation


Certificate translation

Certificates and similar documents are used in many circumstances and testify to important matters, for example in business. They are written statements that often need to be presented, such as proofs of quality and certificates of authenticity.

AgroLingua will translate any certificate or other proof you need for any authority or embassy. But sometimes a high-quality translation is not enough. Then you need a sworn translation. This is a translation with an endorsement, a stamp and the translator’s signature. That makes it an official document that can be submitted to foreign and domestic authorities.

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Approved translation agency

AgroLingua is an approved translation agency. This means that the sworn translators at AgroLingua translation agency make your translation legally binding. We ensure that only translators who are actually authorised to produce a sworn translation are used. By affixing the seal, stamp and signature to the translated document, the translator confirms the completeness and accuracy of the translated document. It is clear that translations of certificates need to be very precise. They must correspond exactly to the original, of course.

AgroLingua exclusively uses native speakers for the translation of your certificates. All our translators have an appropriate background, are familiar with relevant legal subject matter and also have an affinity with the agricultural sector.

Certified translation

AgroLingua translation agency is ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified, These certifications show that we meet strict requirements for our processes and translations and that we deliver high quality using a traceable system. The competences of all employees, translators, and project managers are key to these processes.

As an ISO certified specialised translation agency, we stand out for our prompt delivery of high-quality translations, clear communication, transparent agreements and excellent value. AgroLingua translates certificates quickly and accurately to and from any language, including English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Russian.

Certificate translation by AgroLingua

Your certificates will be translated with the utmost care by one of our qualified translators. A translation in several steps:

  • The certificate or certificates are delivered to us
  • We choose the most suitable translator for the project.
  • Our skilled translators get to work for you.
  • The actual translation is done.
  • A quality check is carried out by a second translator. This is standard in our workflow.
  • The translations are returned to you for any feedback.

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