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“Welcome to Europe’s largest marketplace for agricultural machinery” says the website: with more than 125,000 new and used machines for roadworks, forestry and agriculture, the German branch of UsedTecWorld (UTW) can rightfully call itself the largest online sales platform in Europe. With the international UTW network, the platform is represented in 23 countries, which is a good basis for a partnership with a specialised translation agency like AgroLingua and Agrar-Übersetzer.

Strategic partnership

The strategic partnership between the German branch of AgroLingua, Agrar-Übersetzer and began in 2015. Since then, AgroLingua/Agrar-Übersetzer has been the dedicated translation agency of and for Europe’s largest marketplace for agricultural machinery.

Stefan Doseth, Head of the Trade and Industry Publishing Division, explains his choice:

“The partnership between AgroLingua/Agrar-Übersetzer and has been highly professional from the beginning. In spite of the very specific agricultural subjects and the terminology involved, we regularly receive compliments about the translations from visitors. With AgroLingua/Agrar-Übersetzer, we have found a competent translation agency and media partner that makes an important contribution to the international presence of''

Translation and media partner for

The partnership between AgroLingua/Agrar-Übersetzer and falls into the category of UTW Media Partner. As a UTW Media Partner, AgroLingua/Agrar-Übersetzer is responsible for all the international communication by UsedTecWorld, which includes the newsletters, articles and texts for the website in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian and 14 other languages.

Part of Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag is part of Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag, one of the top 10 specialised publishers in Germany. The cross-media portfolio extends from trade journals and magazines to online portals, newsletters and seminars to market research on specific target groups.

With more than 40 printed and online media publications on agriculture, forestry and country life, Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag is one of Europe’s most successful media houses in the agricultural sector.

The advantage of a partnership

As it should be in any good collaboration, the partnership between AgroLingua/Agrar-Übersetzer and has advantages for both parties.

Advantages for

  • Discount on translations
  • Engaged media partner
  • Specialised translation partner

Advantages for Agrar-Übersetzer/AgroLingua

  • Strengthening our own brand through online visibility on
  • Strengthening our own network with the Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag network

Jos van Kleef, director of Agrar-Übersetzer and AgroLingua:

“At AgroLingua and Agrar-Übersetzer, we are very proud of the years of collaboration with As a specialised translation agency, we speak the international language of the industry. That makes us the market-leading translation agency for the agricultural sector.”

Stefan Doseth, Head of the Trade and Industry Publishing Division:

“Reliable, punctual, fast - with these characteristics, Agrar-Übersetzer is winning over the market. And these are not empty promises. With Agrar-Übersetzer, we have found a competent partner to support us in our internationalisation.”

Discover the advantages of the collaboration for yourself

Would you like more information about AgroLingua/Agrar-Übersetzer’s collaboration with and Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag? We’d be delighted to explain more in person. Please feel free to contact us or visit the website of Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag.

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