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Dairy farming

Are you looking for a specialist translation agency for translations in the dairy farming sector? Then look no further than translation certified agency AgroLingua. Our specialist native speakers understand and speak your professional language and ensure that we can deliver translations that add value to your business.

Do you require tranlated user manuals for milking robots, bull cards for artificial insemination or are you a specialist producer of feed and related products? Thanks to their educational background and/or experience in the sector, our professional translators are right at home in the world of dairy farming.

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Shrinking market, higher averages

The agri-food sector is considered one of the top performing sectors in the Netherlands. The aim is to excel globally in (future-oriented) innovation and productivity. Wageningen University & Research anticipates changes in the dairy farming industry within the next few years, in the form of a shrinking market with higher averages.

While the number of dairy farmers and dairy cows has seen a declining trend for a number of years (shrinking market), the average number of dairy cows per Dutch dairy farm is actually increasing (higher average).

With an average of more than 75 dairy cows per farm, Dutch dairy farms are among the largest in the European Union, only Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Denmark and the United Kingdom have a higher average per farm. In addition to the average size of dairy farms, milk production per Dutch cow is among the highest in Europe.

Export of knowledge and technology

The increased global demand for dairy products not only means that Dutch dairy farms can sell more milk to international markets, it also offers the opportunity to export knowledge and technology.

According to international visitors, it is vital that the innovative Dutch dairy sector continues to share its working methods. Global sharing of knowledge and innovations means it may be possible to produce enough high-quality food without putting excessive strain on the soil. The Dutch dairy industry encourages such activities by making funds available for the transfer of agricultural knowledge to other countries.

Translations for dairy farming

Whether your dairy farm focuses on the national or international market, there are many reasons to opt for multilingual translations. Certified agricultural translation agency AgroLingua is the number one agency for, among others, English, German, French and Spanish translations of milk robot manuals, feed automation and climate control.

We also provide translations on a regular basis for dairy farm websites, product labels for end producers, and books, such as Cow Signals by Roodbont.

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Translation agency AgroLingua focuses entirely on the agri-food sector. Our strength lies in the broad knowledge and experience we have in the agricultural world. After years of sowing, nurturing and harvesting, our translation agency and our translations have become the standard! Would you like more information about AgroLingua’s services? We’d be delighted to explain more in person. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!